Kabwohe Health Centre 1v Boss Re -Arrested For Assaulting Tv West Journalist

Kabwohe Health Centre 1v Boss Re -Arrested For Assaulting Tv West Journalist

Atwakiire Micheal Bitunga(TheSpy Uganda) Busheenyi Correspondent

Sheema police on Monday re-arrested Kabwohe Health Centre 1V in-charge Dr Asiimwe Davis for allegedly missing three court summons consecutively to answer charges of assaulting TV west journalist Sheikh Abdurhatifu in 2007.

Asiimwe was picked from his office at Kabwohe Health Centre 1V by the police in company of a group of journalists to Bushenyi magistrate’s court.

Asiimwe first refused to leave his office saying that the police had no right to arrest him from his office, although it later used force to drag him out like a chicken thief where he was later presented in court.

The already embarrassed doctor later appeared before Bushenyi grade one magistrate Asanasiyo Mukobi. He however pleaded that he has been missing court because he was in Kampala attending parliamentary public accounts on behalf the district and therefore couldn’t manage to be in two places at the same time.

The magistrate later released him on a non cash bail.

Behind bars: Dr.Aiimwe Davis

However, Kakonge Apollo Lee, the executive director civil society forum disagreed with the magistrate’s decision to give him bail because he had been issued with a warrant of arrest.

“It is not in order to release someone on bail after an arrest warrant is issued,the magistrate might have been bribed as ‘usual’,” he said.

It’s alleged that Dr Asiimwe tortured TV West reporter Sheikh Abdurhatifu in 2007 when he (reporter) was following the issues of Kiconco Faridah whose HIV test results at Kabwohe Health Centre 1V were allegedly faked to read positive yet she was actually negative.

Asiimwe allegedly broke Abdurhatifu’s camera and beat him up to pulp in 2007.

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