KCCA  Officials Cited In Brutal Arrest, Torture Of Councilor Over Property Rates

KCCA Officials Cited In Brutal Arrest, Torture Of Councilor Over Property Rates


By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Officials at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) have been accused of allegedly masterminding the brutal arrest and torture of Councilor Salim  Semambo, who represents Bwaise in Kawempe division.

The Mayor Kawempe  Division Dr. Emmanuel Serunjoji has Wednesday morning written a petition to KCCA officials, accusing them of allegedly being behind Semambo’s arrest,  because he and others disagreed with KCCA’s directive of levying property taxes on people in Kawempe. Serunjonji’s petition titled BRUTAL ARRESTS OF OUR LEADERS,  which is copied to KCCA, Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago, Latiff Ssebagala and others reads thus;

“This is to inform you that on 17th June 2019 I called for  a meeting of most of the aggrieved residents of Kawempe Division with regards to Property Rates which was recently done by KCCA on their houses. Residents came in big numbers and many leaders came, among the leaders who came were Hon. Councilors, LCII, LC I and Religious leaders. As the meeting was about to start, H.W the Lord Mayor arrived in a convoy of about 30 plain clothed men acting as his bodyguards. Later on the Honorable Member of Parliament for Kawempe North constituency also arrived. The meeting went on well irrespective of some grumbling where some leaders and residents disagreed on some issues. (Alprazolam) ”

Part of Serunjoji’s letter

Serunjoji adds that “ it is true that one of our councilors, Hon. Salim Semambo didn’t agree with the Lord Mayor’s first submission which he (The Lord Mayor) withdrew and concurred with most of us that there was a problem in the above mentioned exercise, and he instructed for a halt of implementation of the process until investigations are carried out. Yesterday evening, 18th June 2019, I was surprised to hear that plain clothed men accompanied with   KCCA law Enforcement team along with some policemen invaded Bwaise, ruthlessly arrested and tortured Hon. Semambo, and information reaching my office is that this was done on instruction of the head of the Authority for disagreeing with the Lord Mayor on the process of mass valuation.”

He adds that “Hon. Salim Semambo was bundled on a pickup and was driven to City Hall with the continuation of torture by the time they reached City Hall he could not sit or stand. He became unconscious and was driven to Naguru Hospital, where he was admitted and put on Oxygen till this morning.”  Serunjonji goes on to allege that even after being hospitalized, some elements are trying to  forcefully remove oxygen from Semambo. He concludes that  “The purpose of this letter is to draw your attention on the above and to inform you that the life of  Hon. Semambo is in danger, and it seems that lives of all of us who did not agree with the first submission of the Lord Mayor are in Danger…. And also  inform the leaders of City Hall that they are fully responsible for whatever happens to the life of Hon. Semambo and those of all of us….”

Emmanuel Serunjoji’s letter


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