LDU, Soldiers Clobber Ugandans To Enforce Museveni’s Stay Home Directive In Fight Against COVID-19

LDU, Soldiers Clobber Ugandans To Enforce Museveni’s Stay Home Directive In Fight Against COVID-19

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By Spy Uganda

Several Local Defence Unit (LDU) operatives have Tuesday been seen on Kampala streets and in the suburbs clobbering Ugandans with big, long sticks, as a way of enforcing president Yoweri Museveni’s directives to all Ugandans to stay home, as one of the ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

President Museveni in his national address about Coronavirus on Monday night directed all Ugandans to self-quarantine by staying at home.

LDU operative clobbering a woman on a boda-boda

He also directed the closure of shops and non-food selling stores, plus suspending the use of public transport means like taxis, Boda-boda, Tuk-Tuk, passenger trains and planes.

Among his new directives, Museveni also suspended the use of private vehicles and boda-bodas to transport people, as a way of limiting the spread through person to person movement.

On top of the other directives, the President also announced a curfew for the next two weeks starting April 01, 2020.

She falls off the motorcycle in front of a moving car

 So, as a way of implementing the Presidential Directives in the fight against COVID-19 LDU operatives are indiscriminately clobbering people, especially those travelling on boda-bodas.

In one of the videos doing rounds on social media, an LDU operative is seen clobbering a woman seated on a boda-boda, who falls down and narrowly survives being crashed by moving vehicle.

After falling she roles on the tarmac

The LDU operative is shortly joined by another and they start chasing the boda-boda rider until they disappear in an alley.

It should, however, be noted that a few days ago the Commander in Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen David Muhoozi, issued a statement in which he apologized on behalf of LDU and UPDF for the brutal acts that were meted out unto Ugandans by LDU operatives deployed in Kampala and its suburbs last week.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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