Distressed MP Elioda On Spot For Threatening Former URA Commissioner Kateshumbwa Over Sheema Municipality Parliamentary Seat

Distressed MP Elioda On Spot For Threatening Former URA Commissioner Kateshumbwa Over Sheema Municipality Parliamentary Seat

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By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: As we head towards 2020/2021 general elections, pressure has piled on incumbent Sheema Municipality MP Dr.Elioda Tumwesigye,after former Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) senior commissioner Dickson Kateshumbwa, who’s aspiring for the same seat accused him of intimidation.

According to Kateshumbwa, ever since he announced his bid to unseat Dr. Elioda,H who doubles as minister of science innovation and technology, he allegedly started blackmailing him (Kateshumbwa), using video clips of controversial Joseph Tamale Mirundi where he accused him of gross corruption scandals,during his reign at URA. He also alleged that the minister has been sending rowdy gangs to camp at his gate at night something has put his life at risk, fearing that he might be harmed.

“My opponent has been panicking because he has never faced a big opponent like me, he has fully tried to apply his old methods of intimidating his opponents, black mailing, threatening me and my supporters. He has also tried to send people to camp at my home gate” Kateshumbwa said.

He added; “His voters ask ask him logical him logical questions, he resorts to intimation instead of answering them. He thinks he will cow us down by intimidating us. I have worked for government for 15 years whereby 10 of those, I have been the senior commissioner,  meaning I know how government works,” Kateshumbwa added.

Kateshumbwa added that his opponent’s camp have also started organizing meetings on his behalf and after they accuse him publicly for not attending them something that leaves his supporters disappointed, thinking it’s him who organized them whereas not.

“They have done it in Itendero Ward, Rwamujojo ward and others, first of all meetings were suspended by the President,” he explained.

Kateshumbwa refuted allegations circulating on social media that he bribes voters and  instead said those who accuse him, are the ones who bribe voters adding that he has evidence of some opponent’s camp sending bribes via mobile money.

Commenting about why he moves with security guards, Kateshumbwa noted that he sensed his life was in danger after he discovered that some elements in the constituency were following him. “I became suspicious after detecting some people of the opponent were following my moves,”

Sources also told this reporter that minister Elioda is assisted by his brother known as Kwariija Nicholas, the former Sheema district speaker and now commissioner in the Ministry Of Science, Innovation and Technology with his team, to  pluck off Kateshumbwa’s posters in and around Kabwohe town in the night, where by after removing them,they replace them with those of Dr.Elioda.
An Sms Chat Of Kwariija Nicholas,Brother To Min Elioda Discussing About Pulling Down Kateshumbwa’s Posters With One Of His Team Members
However by the time we filed this report, we couldn’t reach out to minister Elioda to comment about the allegations as his known phone numbers were off. Watch the space.

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