Scoop on Scoop Host Resorts To Farming To Make Ends Meet

Scoop on Scoop Host Resorts To Farming To Make Ends Meet an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

Suspended Scoop on Scoop show host Christine Karungi commonly known as Tinafierce is nursing wounds of poverty in Kiboga district where she has resorted to farming to make life ends meet.

Ever since her show’s suspension by UCC over allegations of cyber bullying, Tina has been quiet on her social media platforms something that had piloted millions of questions to her fans wondering what she was coming up with next.

Controversial Tina, has answered them with a heartbreaking tweet confirming that she had gone back to village for farming due to Kampala hostile life filled with much poverty since she was no longer working.

Former Urban TV ScooponScoop Show Host TinaFierce1’s Tweet

It remains unclear for how long the famous show has been suspended though the Urban TV management previously announced that it will be back soon which Tina her self also confirmed.

“Sooo to my dear ones… the show will be back but I will be one bigger fool if I don’t see this thru to the end. Sheilah Gashumba you wanted to go legal… lets. To my fans and to the fans of the show, am good and we shall be back after, love you all,” wrote Tina.

This comes after Tina has in the past two weeks been involved in a bitter head-to-head exchange with Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend God’s plan. The love birds came out strong on Fierce for using her TV show to maliciously attack them, demean them and put them into disrepute.

Few days after suspension of Tina’s show, Sheila and her boyfriend God’s Plan got a new juicy job at STV Uganda in a show dubbed ‘GodzPlan&GashLouge’ that will be featuring different celebrities and discussions focusing on trending topics. an accessible web community

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