Minister Butime Endorsed As New C/man Historical Leaders’ Forum, Replaces Late Kivejinja

Minister Butime Endorsed As New C/man Historical Leaders’ Forum, Replaces Late Kivejinja an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Former third deputy prime minister late Ali Kirunda Kivejinja has been replaced by Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Col Tom Butime as the new chairman of Historical Leaders’ Forum-TheSpy Uganda reports.

The Historical Leaders’ Forum is an organ of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) that includes all leaders of; the Front For National Salvation (FRONASA), National Resistance Council as of 27th January 1986, Leaders of the External Wing of NRM as of 27th January 1986, Leaders of The Luwero Triangle Civilians Veterans Association, Leaders of The Uganda National Rescue Front as at 27th January 1986, Leaders of Save Uganda Movement (SUM), leaders of UNLF/AD among others.

Our source reveals that the endorsement of Butime followed an executive committee meeting of the historicals which sat on April 27, 2022 at the Office of the President and resolved that Col Butime was the only fittest person to replace Kivejinja.

Who’s Butime?

Colonel (Retired) Tom Butime (born 1947) is a Ugandan politician. As afro-mentioned above, he is the Cabinet Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities in the Ugandan Cabinet.

He served as State Minister for Communications from 13 January 2005 until February 2006. After the general elections in February 2006, he was named State Minister for Karamoja Affairs, a posting he declined to assume. In 2011, Butime contested for the position of Representative of Mwenge County North but lost to David Muhumuza.

Previously, Butime was the Minister of Internal Affairs from July 6, 1996 to July 2001, and he also served as Minister of State for Refugees and Disaster Preparedness during that time.

From 2001 until a cabinet reshuffle in January 2005, Butime served as Minister of State for International Cooperation and served as acting Foreign Minister from March 2004 to January 2005.

He is a trained Cinematographer. His hobby is soccer, with Manchester United as his favourite Premier League side. He also enjoys farming. an accessible web community

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