Miserable Trump Files Another Lawsuit Against Victorious Biden Challenging Election Results

Miserable Trump Files Another Lawsuit Against Victorious Biden Challenging Election Results


By Spy Uganda Correspondent

The Trump campaign on Friday filed a new lawsuit in Georgia seeking to invalidate the state’s election results after “tens of thousands of illegal votes” were allegedly included in the Georgia presidential vote.

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The lawsuit demands to render the state election results “null and void”.


“What was filed today clearly documents that there are literally tens of thousands of illegal votes that were cast, counted and included in the tabulations the Secretary of State is preparing to certify”, Ray S. Smith III, lead counsel of the Trump campaign, said regarding the lawsuit. “The massive irregularities, mistakes and potential fraud violate the Georgia Election Code, making it impossible to know with certainty the actual outcome of the presidential race in Georgia”.

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The statement revealed that the lawsuit includes sworn affidavits from Georgia residents who claim to have witnessed “failure to process and secure the ballots, failure to verify the signatures on absentee ballots, the appearance of mysterious “pristine” absentee ballots not received in official absentee ballots envelopes”.

​The new Georgia lawsuit by Trump comes shortly after the state Senate Committee was presented with a surveillance video, said to show election staffers in Fulton County staying behind and pulling out cases with extra ballots to count them into the night after observers were told to leave.

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The Trump campaign has been attempting to legally challenge the outcome of the presidential election since early November, bombarding several battleground states with lawsuits seeking to stop counting what they describe as “illegal votes”.

Despite Trump’s refusal to concede to the projected winner of the White House race, Joe Biden, the sitting president agreed to the launch of the formal process of the transition of power to the Democratic candidate. The official election results, however, will be known after the Electoral College casts its vote on 14 December.

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