Mother Stabs Daughter For Sleeping With Husband

Mother Stabs Daughter For Sleeping With Husband an accessible web community

By Micheal  Atwakiire

Bushenyi : Residents of Bijengye in Kyabugyimbi sub-county Bushenyi district, witnessed free drama after a mother stabbed her daughter for allegedly sleeping with her father.

Patience Akampurira who was stabbed

Annet Birungi, 37, a mother of 7 children from three men, stabbed her own daughter Patience Akampurira, 19 years, whom she alleged sleeps with her (Birungi’s) current husband a one Hajji Abdul Latifu from Nyakabanga village, in Kyabugyimbi town council, Bushenyi district.

Akampirira said that “My mum told me to go to a nearby shop to buy cooking oil. When I reached there it started raining , so I had to wait until it stopped raining. When I returned home , she started quarreling, saying that I was at Hajji’s home. I tried to explain to her but she was overwhelmed by anger. So I decided to go back to Madam Sayidati’s shop to tell  her to go and convince my mum. But as I almost reached there, my mum came vowing to kill me. She wanted to cut my neck but as I tried running away from her , she pierced my leg and I fell down. As she was trying to cut my breast I grabbed the knife but it cut my hands although I got injuries in my chest.”

Annet Birungi who stabbed her daughter

She added that “Sayidati, who was trying  to rescue me , also got cut. But people gathered and she ran away until police caught her and took to kyabugyimbi police station. But this was not the first time to tell me about Hajji. She has been warning me to leave her husband Hajji for a long time. Remember  Hajji has never even tried to date me or ask me something like love but I don’t know why mum insisted on that issue to that extent. I can’t be dated by an old man who doubles as my mum’s current husband because I have a lover, although my mum does not want me to be with him.

She claims that he is not of my grade although we seriously love each other . Among the 7 children my mum has, I’m the only one who doesn’t know my dad or his relatives.”

However, when asked why she stabbed her daughter, Birungi   said “I never wanted to kill her but I was trying to discipline her as my daughter, although I accidentally pierced her. But she has to tame her sexual feelings; Hajji is my husband and we love each other. He is the one who rescued me from the prison where I slept. I intended not to show her  her father because the father commanded me never to do so.” an accessible web community

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