Case Clinic Doctors Reveal What Caused UHRC Boss Kaggwa’s Sudden Death

Case Clinic Doctors Reveal What Caused UHRC Boss Kaggwa’s Sudden Death an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Meddie Kaggwa, the Chairperson of the Uganda HumanRights Commission died Wednesday morning after collapsing in his car and being rushed to Case clinic, where he was later confirmed dead.

Our sources at Case Clinic now reveals that what Kaggwa died of hypertension and that according to family members, he has has a hypertensive on medication.

Medical Report from Case Clinic

A statement about his death compiled by Dr Patrick Kaliika of Case Clinic reads thus;
Patient Summary Form

Patient Name: Meddie Kaggwa

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 15th April 1955

Condition On Arrival:

64 year old brought in by a medical doctor from Mulago hospital who found him collapsed in his car around Mulago Roundabout.

The car allegedly suddenly stopped and knocked the car in front of it.

The car was found locked hence was broken into by bystanders.

He was found convulsing and unresponsive. The Doctor started a One-man CPR (Rescusitation) with mouth-to-mouth and cardiac compressions.

He was brought to Case ICU while still unresponsive and on basic life support.But no vital signs (signs of life) were detected on arrival.

ICU took over and started Advanced Life Support (CPR, Intubation, Adrenaline.)
CPR was continued for one hour with no return of vital organs to life.

He was declared dead at 9:00Am.The family reported that he was a known hypertensive on medication. “

Burial arrangements will be communicated in our subsequent reporting. an accessible web community

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