MP Nambooze Speaks Out On  Man Shot Dead By Guard At Kabojja Hostel As New Details Emerge

MP Nambooze Speaks Out On Man Shot Dead By Guard At Kabojja Hostel As New Details Emerge

By Spy Uganda

Betty Nambooze Bekireke, the Mukono municipality Member of Parliament, has condemned the killing of Doribert Atwesigye, who was shot dead by a security guard at a hostel in Banda, on Sunday morning.

Nambooze condemned Atwesigye’s killing and others who have been shot dead in the recent past in a statement she posted on Facebook.

Here below is Nambooze’s statement; ”

This sweet handsome face is no more…young and promising 27 year Doribert Atwesigye a worker at NWSC perished at the hands of gun violence that characterise Uganda today…He is now another wasted resource!”

However, it is said scuffle ensued between him and the yet to identified guard who was manning the gate at the hostel, which ended up with him being shot dead.

Nambooze’s statement

The security guard who carries a gun which can snap out the life of anybody anytime is angry and hungry…he thinks that the smiling person passing by is the one who stole his happiness and food…He has grown up in a society that believes in vindictiveness…that once you have power over someone you must demonstrate it by subduing him or her…He is glittery and frustrated…any little offensive behaviour against him is exaggerated by his mind as a big case of disrespect…the only thing he has to prove himself is the gun.

We cry for the children of Uganda…no amount of explanation can justify the killing of Otwesigye…I find it even very difficult to type rest in peace….How can I wish a person who wasn’t tired a peaceful rest…Rest in peace was meant to send off people who had been suffering with long illness…old,sick people who were passing on naturally not young energetic murdered people. This is not the first death nor will it be the last… A wasteful gunning down of Uganda’s innocent children.

We condole with the family,friends and National Water and Sewerage Corporation…what a life we have lost!!”

Meanwhile, it has since emerged that prior to being shot dead, Atwesigye, said to be a staff of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) had driven to the hostel to pick his yet to be identified girlfriend.

But the police and NWSC are both yet to issue statements about his murder.

However, Banda police have since opened up a case of murder under file number SD ref 06/29/9/2019 and arrested the suspect.

The police also recovered the guard’s rifle no. SR Ug PSO 12085000-03817 with one live bullet. an accessible web community

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