MTN In Trouble, MPs Move To Block  License Renewal For fleecing Customers

MTN In Trouble, MPs Move To Block License Renewal For fleecing Customers an accessible web community

By our reporter

South African based Telecommunication- MTN may soon close shop in Uganda if the Mps finally achieve their ‘goal’ which they’ve been building over time. All is not well at the MTN headquarters in Kampala, as infighting, conspiracy and fraud rock the telecommunication company.

This has come to light after two staff of the giant Telecom were jailed for cloning and duplicating sim cards belonging to several Members of Parliament and Ministers.

The two MTN staff turned fraudsters got colossal sums of money from unsuspecting friends and relatives of the MPs and Ministers.

Nasser, one of the arrested MTN staffs has already confessed cloning & duplicating Minister Namuganza’s sim card. The Minister, claimed to have lost over Shs.400 million due to fraud.

Other MPs like Ishma Mafabi (Eastern Youth MP), Gordon Bafaki (Kazo county MP), Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama (Western Youth MP) have all been victims of MTN failing to tame its thieving staff. They have also lost colossal sums of money.

Nasser and his mafia networks would first block the MP/Minister from receiving or making calls and would then register a new sim card using the MPs/Ministers’ telephone numbers and would access all the politician’s contacts, whatsapp and SMS platforms.

Nasser and his fraudsters would then go ahead to send messages (sometimes whatsap or direct SMS’) soliciting for money claiming to be in an urgent need. The unsuspecting friends and relatives would of course treat the message as if it’s from the MP/Minister and many would automatically send the money, which would of course land in the hands of the fraudsters.

The affected MPs have now proceeded to Court protesting MTN’s failure to protect its’ customers from their own thieving staff like Nasser.

It has also been reliably established that another group of MPs are finalizing plans to table before Parliament a motion to cancel MTN license with immediate effect.

This website has learnt that whereas the MPs have no problem with arresting the thieving staff like Nasser, they contend that this is not enough and that a long lasting solution must be found. One of the options is terminating MTN license because failure to protect rights of Ugandans may in the end lead to insecurity as enemy forces use telecom companies to access important data and access funds in a dubious way to frustrate Government officials.

Media compromised

In order to stop its dirty linen from spilling over to the public, this website has learnt that several media houses that have been running MTN adverts worth billions of money, have been ordered not to extensively cover this scandal.


Some media houses have ended up failing to hit MTN directly and have resorted to generalization.

That’s why headlines are reading ‘Telecom companies’ instead of MTN.

Insiders say that these Media houses fear to lose adverts worth billions of shillings by covering and digging deep to tell Ugandans of the real truth behind MTN staff involved in fraud. These media houses have thus accepted to let Ugandans be conned more.

Public Hearing

There will be a public hearing on Monday 26th February 2018 at the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) office as UCC gives the public chance to complain over MTN’s exploitative tendencies. UCC has also indicated that investigations are under way to establish the truth behind this new racket of cybercrime. MTN must die in its own movie for failing to protect Ugandan customer or else Ugandans will die in their own country. an accessible web community

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