Museveni Insists On Wearing Masks, Sets Dates For Resumption Business As Uganda Prepares To Lift COVID-19 Lockdown

Museveni Insists On Wearing Masks, Sets Dates For Resumption Business As Uganda Prepares To Lift COVID-19 Lockdown an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has set dates for resumption of business and public movements as Uganda prepares for the lifting of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown that government announced in March, following the outbreak of the pandemic in Uganda.

During a televised address held at the State House in Nakasero, President Museveni clarified on the new directives he issued in his 14th National Address on Coronavirus held on Monday May 18th, 2020.

Here below are excerpts from President Museveni’s speech, during which he advised the public on the commencement dates for the new directives;

“The women who have slept at the markets all this time will be allowed to go home and come back daily if they want to. Minibuses, buses, taxis can resume work provided they carry only a half load of what they usually carry.

We said gyms, saunas and nightclubs will still be closed. Night clubs are the opposite of social distancing. I showed how to do gym from your rooms.

The big measure of safety is putting on masks. So let’s use between now and May 26th to prepare and to get masks.

The ministry of health will tell you which ones are the right type. This one week will be used to prepare so that when we open, everyone has got a mask, which you are to put on all the times. That’s for shops, hotels, and so on.”

He added that “For public transport, it should be relaxed on June 4th, so that the Ministry of Transport can discuss with the stakeholders

The education institutions will use the two weeks to prepare and by June 4th, they will have put out an action plan on how to go forward.”

Talking about people with private vehicles, the President said that “The private cars will be allowed to move on May 26th. Prepare, make sure that you have everything ready when we resume masks especially. For the border districts, we shall allow neither the public nor private transport. Reason is that you’re on the frontline, you either protect us or destroy us by bringing in foreign infiltrators. No vehicles, public or private until we see how the whole thing works out.”

He also noted that “When it comes to students who will have to come back to join finalists, those will just walk to school and go back to their homes. Those that need to move from one area to another, especially in border districts where public transport hasn’t been allowed yet, the government and ministry of education will come in to work out a solution for that group.” an accessible web community

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