Museveni Is Treating Ugandans Like Slaves – Wafula Oguttu

Museveni Is Treating Ugandans Like Slaves – Wafula Oguttu an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio

Former Leader of Opposition (LoP) Wafula Oguttu has said that President Yoweri Museveni has screwed this country and that it is now impossible to oust him through an election.

Oguttu who lost his parliamentary seat in 2016 general elections was crying foul after the controversies that surrounded Busia district LC V elections.

“He (Museveni) treats Ugandans like his slaves or sheep. He continues to screw the country as he pleases. This Busia election episode is classic abuse of power and impunity by a dictatorship. One day he will answer for it. The whole Samia Bugwe has been thumbed, humbled but is enraged. I pity those who put much hopes in Museveni elections. That they can remove him from presidency thru elections organized by him,” Oguttu said.

An NRM leaning independent candidate in the Busia District LC5 by-election, Geoffrey Wandera was on Monday declared Chairman after two of his rivals stepped down from the race.


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The declaration follows last week’s Electoral Commission cancellation of nomination for DP and opposition joint candidate Deo Habisi Njoki and the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party candidate, Paul Boniface Oguttu.

NRM’s Oguttu was disqualified over inconsistencies in his name on the nomination papers and that on his academic documents, while Democratic Party’s Njoki’s candidature was cancelled because the names under which he was nominated were not in the National Voters Register.

Umar Kiyimba, the Busia district returning officer on Monday declared Geoffrey Wandera unopposed after his two opponents, Chripus Bwire and Tony Ojambo stepped down. Kiyimba said the Parliamentary Election Act mandates the commission to declare a candidate winner in case his or her opponents withdraw from the race.

However, court cancelled the election process until 8th December an accessible web community

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