Newly Created Bunyangabu District Forms Cooperative Society To Spur Development

Newly Created Bunyangabu District Forms Cooperative Society To Spur Development

By Andrew Irumba

Bunyangabu: Newly created Bunyangabu district has rolled plans and operationalised a cooperative Society that will help locals to champion development  in the area.

Spy Uganda can exclusively report that over 120 members have so far under the Association known as Bunyangabu Traders Co-operative Savings and Credit Society (BTC), which was officially launched on December 26th, 2018 officially received their certificate and can now legally go about their business.

“Dear members, we take the opportunity this morning to announce that we’re in receipt of the Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives,” posted one of the members who has been pursuing it at the ministry this morning. The Certificate was received by among others; Baguma Joseph Wene. (CPA) Chairman, Rwabukuku Kenneth, General Secretary, Amanyire Julius, representative Kisomoro and Akugizibwe Deo-PRO .
BCS Certificate

According to our Spy inside the co-operative, bellow are the Executive committee members (EXCO) that were confirmed in the general assembly held on 26 December 2019;

1.Chairperson – CPA Baguma Joseph Wene

2.V/Chairperson – Basemera Nestor

3.General Secretary – Kenneth Rwabukuku

4.Treasurer – Mrs. Rwabulinda Harriet Edith

5.Kasangaki Charles – Publicity Secretary

6.Akugizibwe Deo – Public relations Officer

7.Abisemeza Anthony – Committee member

8.Kemigisha Shamim Juma–Committee member and

9.Davis Kamukama – Committee member

Important to note also, is that the Association has changed name from Bunyangabu Co-operative Society (BCS) to Bunyangabu Traders Co-operative Savings and Credit Society, (BTC).

Below are the reasons the Cooperative

The objectives was started, according to papers obtained by this website that were submitted at the registry;

  1. Starting up of a class one/commercial Bank BUNYANGABU (2017) COOPERATIVE BANK (BCB) which will support entrepreneurs, farmers, schools and other businesses by extending financial facilities to them at a friendly interest rate(s).

2.Networking & creating opportunities (business, employment) for the society stakeholders

3.Contributing a positive impact to the community.

4.Promoting unity and cooperation among all people in the area

5.Attracting and supporting investors to come to invest in the area (Bunyangabu).

6.Promoting and marketing our Traders  and farmer’s products across the country and abroad.

7.Promotion of quality education, mentorship, career guidance and trainings.

8.Establishing and maintaining good relationships with all stake holders of Bunyangabu.

9.Helping one another in times of joy and sorrows.

10.Re-investing the profits into real estate, land & financial markets in order to have a strong financial base.

Some of the big shots and pioneer Members Include; Hon Stephen Irumba Abooki-former Tooro Kingdom Premier, CPA Baguma Joseph-the Finance controller at Uganda National Housing Estates, Kenneth Rwabukuku-Managing Director at Global Lofty Solutions Limited (a recruitment company), Deo Akugizibwe-Judiciary,  Col Robert Mugabe-serving army officer and director of several schools, Dr Vincent Owomujuni, Dr. Kintu Mugenyi ( Dean of the school of education at Mountains of the moon University), Mr. (Canada Pharmacy) Gerald Akugizibwe Apuuli , Gowan Yakubu, Counsel Kagoro Friday of Muwema and company Advocates,  Prof. Eng. John Sande KaNyarubona of Africa Development Bank, MS Edith Kateete-Deputy MD of National Water and Sewage Cooperation.

Others include Magezi Rubaale of URA, Andrew Irumba-CEO TheSpy Uganda (an Online newspaper)and Founding Speaker Pan-African Pyramid, Kaizire Charles- URA, Musinguzi Peter, Kiiza Lydia Akiiki, Nikuze Elizabeth Kijumba, Major Tuhairwe Peter, Maj Alex Baguma-OWC among others


Brief Background and the Genesis of Bunyangabu Cooperative Society:

It was started by members of a WhatsApp group called ‘Bunyangabu District 2017’, which was started by Mr.Muganzi Richard Comrade, when Bunyangabu County was granted a district status in 2017. This WhatsApp group used to discuss many issues ranging from politics, business, sharing information and at times casual talk. However, one of the members of the group called CPA Baguma Joseph Wene (the interim chairman), wrote a write up titled “Idealism Vs Realism” and requested members to organize a get together party in December for all members on the group. His write up was welcomed and supported by many and a steering committee was constituted, basing on people who used to contribute a lot in terms of discussing and articulating issues of great importance while consulting all members on the group as whether the selected team can lead us to a success. The selected team met, agreed among themselves and a steering committee was confirmed to start organizing for the Get together Party. In the process of organizing the Get together party, Rwabukuku Kenneth proposed to the members that they should not focus on the Get together only but also look forward to starting up cooperative union in the names of BUNYANGABU (2017) COOPERATIVE UNION. Fortunately all members welcomed the idea and seconded it. The legal committee was constituted to help the steering committee on how the union could be registered as quickly as possible.  The legal team advised members that it was not going to be possible to start immediately with the UNION but rather  they would  register first a SOCIETY and a UNION later. After that, the steering team accepted and agreed to call all people of Bunyangabu District for a meeting at Selam Inn Hotel, to share the ideas with them in order to move together as sons and daughters from one area. That  was done successfully whereby members turned up in big numbers and proposed to pay Shs50,000 as membership and Shs20,000 for the get together party. That was how Bugyangabu Cooperative  Society was hatched. an accessible web community

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