No More Hope! Spenah Beach Boss Vacates Landlord’s Premises After Court & IGP’s Toughest Orders

No More Hope! Spenah Beach Boss Vacates Landlord’s Premises After Court & IGP’s Toughest Orders

By Spy Uganda

Entebbe: Aviation Police has today effected the directive of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Okoth Martins Ochola of ensuring that Spenah Beach landlord Stephern Kabuye kicks out errant tenant Asiimwe John from his premises in TOTAL QUIET and without any undue interference.

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The IGPs directive came after a court order issued last Friday by Twed Tower-based High Court (Land Division) that trashed Asiimwe John’s attempts to secure an Interim Order restraining his landlord, his agents, representatives, or appointees from evicting him.

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Also, the same court delivered another ruling against Asiimwe in which his landlord sought an order restraining Asiimwe from tresspassing on the land. In both rulings, Court ordered Asiimwe to cough batch of costs to his landlord for wasting his time in court.

John after losing hope at home and away today decided to pick his few things that were still at the beach including fridges, crates of liquors, chairs, among others.

Landlord’s lawyer Paul Kenneth Kakande celebrated the successful eviction of Asiimwe saying it was illegal and shameful for him to claim stay on land he doesn’t own or pay rent for.

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”Now, he was here under which terms?” wondered Kakande adding, ”His tenancy agreement had expired, and by the way he had stopped paying rent for the last two years.”

He added however that as the legal team of the landlord, they are to slap serious court costs against Asiimwe to discipline him for wasting their time in court over a matter he knew lacked legal support.

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”Of course, last week Asiimwe lost two applications in Court and we were granted costs. So, since this process of eviction is done, the next step is now sitting with our accountants and see how much this man should compensate our client for wasting his time,” added Kakande.

Pictorial Of Asiimwe’s Workers Loading Fridges Among Other Things On Trucks an accessible web community

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