No More Lunch For You At Work,Come With Your Roasted Cassava- Internal Affairs Ministry Hit Hard By Credit Crunch!

No More Lunch For You At Work,Come With Your Roasted Cassava- Internal Affairs Ministry Hit Hard By Credit Crunch! an accessible web community

By Our Reporter

Recently, a leaked document showed that following financial constraints, Gov’t decided that that ONLY Ministry of Presidency (statehouse), defense, Electoral Commission and public workers on Gov’t pay role would be paid. All other Gov’t sectors will have to wait until Gov’t gets adequate money. When would that be? Ask finance minister Kasaija. But wait a minute, even Kasaija last week confessed that he has no money and was looking for good samaritans to borrow Gov’t, until now he hasn’t been successful, unfortunately.

Internal Memo Showing Gov’t Bodies To Be Paid

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The Govt’s selective move boosted grievance among Members of Parliament on the finance and budget committee who revealed that the government’s decisions clearly show that it does not care about the economy given the Covid-19 era but rather areas where the executive has control.

“How about the other sectors of the economy? Because we’re in the rainy season. The roads in the countryside are going to be impassable and you’re not prioritizing them, you have a lot of ongoing contracts in energy and other sectors so you’re going to pay for idle time,” Muwanga Kivumbi, one of the MPs on the committee questioned.

From the time Covid-19 struck the economy about seven months ago, different businesses have been asking for a stimulus package but the government’s decision on Covid-19 recovery of the economy focused on postponing taxes, and now with the current cash flow and prioritized areas, what is the impact on non-prioritized areas like industry, agriculture, among others? Kivumbi questioned.

Now, the latest casualty to feel the pinch are Internal affairs ministry workers in immigration and citizenship department. The latest we have on our desk is that there’s no more money to even afford posho and beans for its workers! If you’re reading this from Kenya, simply say,…Hakuna Wugaali…for Ugandan Gov’t workers.

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In fact, even rats that have been roaming in their box files have since migrated to nearby buildings where they can at least afford to find bread leftovers but not broke immigration workers.

According to the memo our spy has since chanced on, workers have been advised to come with their owned packed roasted cassava and hot brown water with tea leaves in order to go through the hard times.

Ministry Of Internal Affairs’ Memo Suspending Lunch

The disappointing memo to the ministry’s hungry employees reads;


Following the current economic hardship and the underfunding of Our budget and increased unpaid bills to service providers, this is to suspend serving of lunch within the departments.

This is a temporary measure to be adjusted as and when funds are made available. This does not however apply to the detention centre.

Your cooperation is requested.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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