No One Can Love NRM More Than Me: Besigye, Amuriat Describe Elioda As Greedy, Selfish!

No One Can Love NRM More Than Me: Besigye, Amuriat Describe Elioda As Greedy, Selfish! an accessible web community

By Micheal Bitunga

While campaigning for the FDC party flag bearer Plan Virginia Mugyenyi for Sheema municipality, Eng. Patrick Amuriat described Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye as not only being greedy but also selfish. “I sat with Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye in the 9th parliament but what i knew about him was only one, he was too quiet in parliament, he couldn’t speak from when the session starts up to when it ends. But i didn’t know that he is also greedy to that extent, i wish you ashame that greedy man on 27th July by voting Virginia”, disappointed Amuriat prayed.

It must be noted that Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye is the current Member of Parliament for Sheema north municipality and also serving as a minister for science, technology and innovation and he but is now battling with FDCs’Virginia Mugyenyi for the newly created Sheema municipality.

At the same rally in Kashozi Division, Sheema Municipality, Rt.Col. Dr.Kizza Besigye Kifeefe revealed the intimate love he used to have for both the NRM party as well as President Museveni before they parted ways way back in 1999. He told Kashozi voters that nobody on this planet earth can love both NRM and president Museveni more than he used to, before things worsened.

“There is nobody in this country who can love President Museveni and NRM party to my extent, I left my fatty job in 1980 and I surrendered the whole of my life because of Museveni and remember he had nothing to give me at that time, because he was poor. But these Eliodas and his friends who put on yellow are after money and jobs but not inner love, that’s why they are loud speakers of Mr Museveni”, Besigye said.

Dr.Besigye also tasked the people of Sheema Municipality to vote FDC if they dearly need development in their Divisions. “The NRM Government works under the opposition’s pressure. Last time I had Mr. Museveni lying to you that he no longer thinks about people of Buhweju District because they voted Hon.Mwijukye Francis of FDC, he even intimidated you that if you don’t vote NRM members you won’t get services. Now hear this, when Mwijukye bought an Ambulance for his people, the Government quickly bought two Ambulances for Buhweju. Since 1986 Mr Museveni has never appointed a resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Buhweju, but in the last reshuffle Buhweju produced two RDCs. He lied to you that he (Museveni) is relaxed but in actual sense he spends sleepless nights because of opposition in Buhweju”, Besigye told the fully charged opposition supporters amid ululations.

Besigye also told his supporters that Government only worked on Kanungu roads recently because Virginia had promised to work on them as soon as she is elected.

“The Kanungu District roads weren’t tarmacked, because by then Hon.Amama Mbabazi was still the Prime Minister hence there was no opposition. Recently when Plan Virginia revealed that she will clear all municipality roads, last week the Government brought tractors and cleared Migyina, Karera and Kihunda roads. So since they work under our pressure, vote Virginia Mugyenyi and you obtain more services in a short time”.Mr.Besigye advised.

On the same note, the leader of opposition in parliament who is also the woman Mp for Kasese District Hon.Winnie Kizza told their supporters that if they dearly need mobile money and social media taxes to be scrapped out, they must vote Plan Virginia Mugyenyi since NRM members support those taxes unlike their opposition counterparts. an accessible web community

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