You Don’t Eat English, First Learn How To Produce Own Food- Founder Bookland Univ.USA Tips African Youth

You Don’t Eat English, First Learn How To Produce Own Food- Founder Bookland Univ.USA Tips African Youth an accessible web community

By Denis Turyahebwa.

The African problem is that our hands are tied at the back and yet they are the same hands to liberate us from poverty. Our education has taught us English, history and Geography that are not applicable anywhere in our everyday routines, this is according to Professor Lameck Mukeeze Muwanga,founder of Bookland University in Washington USA.

Prof. Mukeeze, while appearing on the popular weekly Pan-African Pyramid debate on Friday at Fairway Hotel,Kampala said that African youth should stop the ‘Stupid British Pride’ (the tendency of thinking that knowing English makes a person Mighty and great) and engage in important practical activities like Agriculture, carpentry, sowing (for girls), livestock farming etc to change their lives.

Counsel Turyakira John Robert on the platform giving his views of African education system on Friday at Fairway Hotel

‘’No one eats English, so instead of walking with your head high that you have a degree, go learn how to do smart Agriculture and produce your own food, the Ngoni, Boers,great French,Germany and European Historians and so forth you are proud to know, are nowhere in your life equation, so you better wake up,” bitter looking Professor Mukeeze fumed.

“My first son is in US Army now 8 yrs, my daughter Lydia Nasuubi who lives in Chikago USA works with Google, my last born, a daughter also who is just finishing her  Bachelor’s degree the other day called me and told me she was moving out of my house where I left her with mom to go rent her own flat, when I asked her why she answered that; ‘Dad, I’m now old at 21 I should be looking after myself, not you to buy me food!’, I had to convince her to hold on because she was still a student and wasn’t tired of looking after her, but she was determined to leave, just because she wants to think independent and follow her dreams, but look here in Uganda, you find a 30yr old man still staying at his parents’ home, asking for food from his mother, and you think that’s normal, that’s craziness”, he said.

Mukeeze who has already opened up Bookland Univ.Kampala compass in Kyanja-Kisaasi, added that Africans should appreciate what they have and utilize the available resources to sustain themselves. ‘’The fact is our Soils are still rich with nutrients, we don’t have to destroy our soils with chemicals, we should concentrate on engaging in smart Agriculture and that will lead us to self- sustainability”,he added.

‘’An African needs to realize that all they need are the 3 H’s to prosper; Head, Heart and Hand, those are your friends in progress. Your head is your University, your heart and hands, being guided by your head, will leave no stone unturned”, said Mukeeze.

He advised youths to turn focus on business courses as business is the back- bone of all developed countries. “In America, where I have taught for over 33 years, a student comes and parks his/her car, enters class at 7:30 am up to 3pm. From there they drive their cars home for a short rest and then goes to work to earn a living. If you’re 18 yrs and above, you must find some work to do. And at school, physical Education, practical economic Education is a must for all, you must be trained on how to work using your hands and brains,both at school,it’s called ALL ROUND EDUCATION, it’s a must attend”, Mukeeze, who has taught in Bookland Univ,Swahili African Institute (Tacoma USA) and Denver free Univ. all in US said on Friday.

Meanwhile counsel Turyakira who was also present at the debate said the sustainable development goal number 4 (Providing quality Education to every one) has been violated because in Uganda, the Education system trains for the future disaster of the country.

‘’What we need is being given Education that fits today not yesterday but as a matter of fact,Uganda is training for the past. It is very sad that the highest percentage of degree holders in our country cannot fit in the practical field. They have not been given skills’’. Counsel Turyakira bitterly said.

Counsel Turyakira urged the youth to recognize opportunities in their way and stop studying for the sake of holding documents, he said Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Entrepreneurship are the hot cakes in the market so youth should go for them.

Others who contributed to the debate include Mr.Adison Joseph from Sudan who castigated the African Education system that teaches its citizens to remain under colonialism mentally through westernized syllabus and Mr.Elias,an intern journalism student at TheSpy Uganda.

The Pan-African Pyramid is an intellectual non-partisan discussion forum built on the Pillars of Pan-Africanism, Patriotism and Nationalism whose Ideal/pre-occupation is to revive intellectual discourse among the youths with a bias of re-constructing our lost Pan-Africanism, patriotism and Nationalism Values and spirit. The debate happens every Friday from 5-9pm at Fairway Hotel. Entrance is free to all. The show is powered by Fairway Hotel and Splash.

Some of the PAP members after the debate pose for a group photo on Friday an accessible web community

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