NRM Tribunal Dustbins Womujuni’s Petition Against Bunyangabu Flag Bearer Kamukama

NRM Tribunal Dustbins Womujuni’s Petition Against Bunyangabu Flag Bearer Kamukama

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Following controversies that have been rotating around the academic credentials of previously elected National Resistance Movement (NRM) party’s parliamentary flag bearer for Bunyangabu County Davis Kamukama, one of his rivals Womujuni Vincent had petitioned the party tribunal to study about this matter.

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After studying the matter, the latest from the party’s tribunal, on Sunday they dismissed Vincent’s election petition and declared Davis Kamukama to have won efficiently the elections with the minimum qualifications and trashed rumours of Kamukama bribing the commission to be nominated to participate on the same seat that saw him trouncing out Defense Minister, Hon. Adolf Mwesige Kasaija Apuuli.

Background Of The Matter

According to NRM results issued by Bunyangabu District NRM Registrar, Kamukama garnered 22,445 to defeat incumbent Adolf Mwesigye, who garnered 18,067 votes.

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Other contestants included Vincent O’womujuni who came third with 1,993 votes while Robert Nyakahuma trailed the group with 1,881 votes.

However, in regard to the above background, Vincent Womujuni petitioned the NRM electoral commission asking them to nullify Mr Kamukama’s victory on grounds that he had been illegally nominated.

In his petition, Womujuni alleged that Mr Kamukama did not possess an Advanced level certificate or its equivalent as required by law a person to contest as Member of Parliament.

In addition, some political pundits revealed in support to Womujuni’s petition that Kamukama can’t even stand in public and speak English for two minutes, a pure implication of having a dull member of parliament once voted in the forthcoming general elections.

“He can’t even explain a sentence in English and it’s not that Kamukama was the favourite candidate, actually people would even vote a jerrycan if it had stood against Adolf,” a source said, adding that people were also frustrated with Adolf’s acts of fighting other elected leaders in the district and wanting to be the only bull in the kraal.

However, the party’s tribunal yesterday dismissed the petition saying the petitioner did not provide enough evidence to oust Kamukama out of the seat that many have controversies about and advised Womujuni to always petition with evidence.

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“On behalf of the NRM tribunal, I declare that Kamukama is free to go ahead with his electoral plans since his petitioner has no evidence to pin him and to prove his false candidature,” an officer on NRM tribunal declared.

Womujuni’s had petitioned against Kamukama thus;


Dr. Vincent O’womujuni, one of the aspirants for the NRM Member of Parliament-Flag bearer for Bunyangabu constituency hereby humbly petition the chairman, National Resistance Movement, Electoral Commission and states as follows:

This petition is against the nomination and subsequent election of the NRM Member of Parliament Flag bearer for Bunyangabu Constituency a one KAMUKAMA DAVIS on the ground that he is not qualified to stand for election as Member of Parliament in accordance with Article 80(1(C) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda-Which states that, A person is qualified to be a member of Parliament if that person has completed minimum formal education of Advanced Level standard or its equivalent which is established in a manner and at a time prescribed by Law.

The same position is re-echoed under section 4(1), (c) of the Parliamentary Elections Act, 2005, to the effect that;

It is my humble submission that the nomination of the candidate KAMUKAMA DAVIS Contest for NRM Member of Parliament Flag bearer for Bunyangabu Constituency was unlawful, irregular, null and void for want of the Certificate from national Council of Higher Education equating Junior Technical Certificate in Tropical Agriculture Stage II to Advanced Certificate of Education in Uganda.

 In the premises, we humbly pray that you invoke your powers under Article 39(10) (c) of the NRM Constitution which provides that; “The electoral commission shall be fully conversant with the national laws and regulations relating to elections and to ensure that NRM complies with them.”

I, therefore, pray that the electoral commission nullifies the nomination and subsequent election of KAMUKAMA DAVIS for NRM Member of Parliament Flag bearer for Bunyangabu Constituency.” an accessible web community

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