NRM’s Tanga Odoi Launches Grassroot Mobilization Drives In Busoga Sub-Region Ahead Of 2026 Electoral Campaigns

NRM’s Tanga Odoi Launches Grassroot Mobilization Drives In Busoga Sub-Region Ahead Of 2026 Electoral Campaigns

By Spy Uganda

Busoga; The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has launched its mobilization tour in the Busoga Sub-region to inspire and motivate its leaders and supporters at the grassroots level,ahead of 2026 general elections. Dr Tanga Odoi, the no-nonsense Chairman of the NRM Electoral Commission, addressed leaders and supporters from Kamuli district yesterday at the Namanyago Technical Institute in Buzaaya sub-county, emphasizing the party’s strategy to identify and resolve issues affecting the people (wanainchi) as a means to regain their support.

“The primary purpose of our presence here is to provide information about service delivery and wealth creation programs in the Busoga Sub-region and to engage with party leaders to enhance the NRM’s effectiveness.” Dr Tanga stated, adding, “We are here to comprehend the challenges faced by our people and determine how we can improve the NRM to regain their support in Busoga.”

Recognizing the significance of unity among NRM leaders, Dr Tanga emphasized the party’s new mobilization strategy, which involves close collaboration with leaders at the village and sub-county levels. He highlighted, “The strength of the NRM lies in its people, and as leaders, our mandate is to foster unity among our supporters.”

Furthermore, Dr Tanga urged the party’s structural leaders to ensure public access to government programs and services. As part of the mobilization strategy, “Party leaders have a responsibility to inform the public about the government’s accomplishments and plans for improved service delivery.” He emphasized, “NRM aims to implement a mobilization campaign that reaches every doorstep, and as party leaders, our role is to equip you with knowledge and data to effectively monitor government programs in your respective areas of jurisdiction.”

The government has allocated resources to programs such as PDM, Emyooga, and other wealth creation initiatives in the Kamuli district, to integrate our people into the money economy.

“Leaders have been entrusted with the task of monitoring these programs and ensuring transparency in fund allocation to the designated Saccos within each parish.” Dr Tanga expressed, “Effective mobilization entails identifying the interests of the people, and as the party in leadership, our goal is to alleviate household poverty through these poverty alleviation programs. ( ”

Mr Samuel Bamwole, the Chairperson of NRM Kamuli district, extended gratitude to the party leadership for implementing this mobilization strategy in Busoga, as it will revitalize and awaken the people. He expressed appreciation, stating, “We thank the party leadership for their engagement, as it has redefined the responsibilities of each party leader, especially for those who were previously unfamiliar with their roles.”

In conclusion, the NRM’s mobilization tour in the Busoga Sub-region signifies a focused effort to strengthen grassroots support. By addressing the concerns of the people, fostering unity, and ensuring transparency in government programs, the NRM aims to improve service delivery and alleviate poverty at the household level. Pictorial Evidence: an accessible web community

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