ONC Holds Prayers For President Museveni, Hajjat Namyalo Curses ‘Canibals Praying For Jaaja’s Death’

ONC Holds Prayers For President Museveni, Hajjat Namyalo Curses ‘Canibals Praying For Jaaja’s Death’

By Frank Kamuntu

The head of Office of the National Chairman NRM-Kyambogo (ONC), Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye on Tuesday organized and hosted prayers for her boss HE. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is battling the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen him spend a full week in isolation at Nakasero State Lodge.

The prayers attracted a couple of city NRM carders and the top national leaders including Kiruhura District NRM Chairman dubbed Museveni’s brother Mr. Shadrack Nzeire Kaguta who asked the entire nation to pray for their leader.

Nzeire said he spoke to his brother and assured him that he was recovering well and he is now out of danger.


“The President is already out of danger. I talked to him on the phone and he told me he is now getting fine but just observing the standard operating procedures from the Ministry of Health as he waits for the final test probably on Thursday this week,” said Nzeire.

He cautioned those wishing the President death saying they are,”cannibals because you can’t jubilate when a person is sick. We all have the same blood, regardless of political affiliation because we are all created by God let’s leave all this hatred and love each other because when he dies you are next.”

In the same prayers, the organizer Hadijah Namyalo got on her knees and sent powerful healing prayers to Museveni whom he prayed for both in Arabic and English.

“Lord, we pray that you protect our dear President and continue giving him wisdom so that he leads our country forever until he gets tired. We the Bazukulu are losing out, we are bleeding, angered by Jaaja’s continued sickness I pray that Lord, please heal him for us,” she prayed while on her knees.

She went ahead: “It is not time for him to leave, we shall remain orphans. We want him to be protected from evil. Some people are praying for him to die. Lord, I pray that you kill them first, bewitch those who are trying to bewitch them.”


Chief Muzukulu noted that Ugandans still want Museveni to lead them since he is the only tested and proven leader who can secure their future.

“Our leaders are calm but there are people who deliberately choose to provoke peaceful people so that they become hostile. They are good at provoking violence. We need to remain peaceful in order to all calmly co-exist,” added Namyalo.

It’s worth noting that Namyalo is the mega force behind the popular “Omalako Jajja Tova ku Main” campaign which aims at ‘manufacturing’ more support for President Museveni to stand again in 2026.

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