Only President Can Kick EOC Boss Ntambi From Office, She’s President’s Appointee-Solicitor General Advises

Only President Can Kick EOC Boss Ntambi From Office, She’s President’s Appointee-Solicitor General Advises an accessible web community an accessible web community

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Kampala: The Solicitor General, who is tasked to advise government institutions on legal matters particularly, constitutional has given some hope of relief to troubled Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) chairperson Sylvia Muwebwa Ntambi who is sitting on tenterhooks over corruption, after guiding that no one has a right to interdict her since she is a president’s appointee.

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The Solicitor’s guidance was in response to December 2, 2020, letter which Permanent Secretary of Gender Ministry Aggrey Kibenge, wrote to him seeking clarification about Director of Public Prosecution’s (DPP) request that Ntambi be kicked out of office until her cases are disposed off. This, according to Solicitor General contradicts  with the constitution since Ntambi is not a “public officer”, meaning the provisions of the various laws on interdiction of “public officers” do not apply to her.

“Ms. Sylivia Muwebwa Ntambi is not appointed by the Public Service Commission but by the President, who also has the authority to revoke her appointment according to Section 6 of the Equal Opportunities Commission Act,” reads part of his response letter to PS Kibenge.

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The Solicitor General said the President is the appointing authority, who has powers to suspend, reappoint or reinstate her as part of his power of appointment.

It’s worth noting that the Anti-Corruption Court Magistrate last week committed Ms Ntambi to the High Court for trial which DPP felt uncomfortable with, citing that Ntambi’s stay in office would jeopardize investigations and therefore recommended that she is interdicted immediately.

The Solicitor General in response guided thus; “Therefore, in response to your question, our opinion is that the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development does not have the power or mandate to interdict Ms. Sylivia Muwebwa Ntambi.”

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In addition, the Solicitor General advised that Ntambi’s matters should be brought to the attention of the supervising Minister (Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development) Frank Tumwebaze who is supposed to bring them to the attention of the President for an appropriate decision.

Ntambi is facing the charges with nine former employees of the commission on charges of embezzlement, abuse of office, conspiracy to defraud and corruption.

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Who Are Her Co-Accused?

Her co-accused are Ms Agnes Enid Kamahoro, 48, the senior personal secretary, Mr Moses Mugabe, 38, a senior monitoring and evaluation officer, Mr Mujuni Mpitsi, 49, secretary, Ms Harriet Byangire, 37, a senior accountant, Mr Ronnie Kwesiga, 33, acting accounts assistant, Mr Evans Jjemba, 35, principal compliance officer, Mr Manasseh Kwihangana, 39, a senior compliance officer.

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Others are Ms Sarah Nassanga, 43, an office attendant and Mr Nicholas Sunday Olwor, 51, an undersecretary.

Background Of The Matter

Ms Ntambi, Ms Kamahoro and Mr Mpitsi between January 6, 2019, and April 30, 2019, allegedly conspired to defraud the government of more than Shs9m. Under the charge of abuse of office, Mr Mugabe, Mr Mpitsi and Mr Kwihangana are accused of abusing their authority when they fraudulently processed, requisitioned and approved Shs29m in January last year purportedly for undertaking sensitisation programmes in Karamoja Sub-region whereas not.

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In a separate count, Ms Kamahoro, Mr Mpitsi, and Mr Olwor in December 2018, allegedly processed, requisitioned and approved Shs19m purportedly for development of the first and second draft of Equal Opportunities Commission HIV/Aids workplace policy, knowing their acts would cause government a financial loss. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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