Opinion: The Global Transition & Africa’s Wake Up Call!

Opinion: The Global Transition & Africa’s Wake Up Call!


By Tamale Francis

The use of Human Manual Labour to create ”Economic Might” ended in 2020. The US used it between 1935 to 1978 to become an Economic Powerhouse, Japan and Taiwan after they came to China. The Arabs used natural resources like oil but now we have gone to the resources of the HUMAN MIND. And I don’t mean the EDUCATED so-called ”Elite” I mean ”IMAGINATION & INNOVATION.”

The crystal point is, this is the ”Time for the Joshua Generation to cross the River Jordan”, the 40 years of loitering in the wilderness is over. What you see now is a mirage. These past 40 years have been a Global Transition (like the 40 years in the wilderness to get rid of the Slave/Egypt Mentality).

Two Case Study Examples:
(A); Obote 2 was a waste of time for Obote, he spent his time drinking and smoking and living in a hotel because he feared another coup. He lived in fear and only travelled 3 times out of Uganda. His former Research Assistant in the 60s Yoweri Museveni was now his Arch Enemy leading a rebel group against him. So the 5 years passed like in a flash of time. Nothing was really achieved. God used it as Phase 1 Transition.


(B); Museveni/NRA-NRM, it’s now clear that the drive behind the 1986 coup was for Museveni to fulfil his PERSONAL DESIRE of becoming President & Uganda’s longest-serving President. This explains why nothing much has really happened and why these old men & women in power are still grabbing land from poor people after 35 years in power. Case in point….the NRM had NOBODY between the ages of 45 to 55 to counter Bobi Wine or Joseph Kabuleeta in the recently contested presidential elections despite hoarding all the scholarships etc, they had absolutely NOBODY except Museveni’s imaginary son-in-law and some few EDUCATED from the same cattle village which means that this regime dies with Museveni. This marks 40 years of transition in Uganda’s case.

2. CHINA; From 1981 to 2021, China used Cheap Human Labour. This is now being replaced by robots and machines. That 40-year phase is over and Africa MUST STOP DREAMING about filling that gap because it’s like trying to use an ”ABACUS” to CALCULATE a national budget instead of using in simple terms a ”CALCULATOR”.

How do I know…in Uganda’s case, when these now old men and women came to power, they sought to remove all wealthy people who had created wealth before them and transfer it to themselves. It worked for about 30 years BUT they forgot something, those wealthy families had descendants and a ”RIVER NEVER FORGETS ITS COURSE NOT MATTER HOW DRY IT GETS” the day it RAINS which it MUST, it will reclaim what belonged to it. Look at the descendants of the old men and women who are supposedly still ruling, if it wasn’t for TAXPAYERS MONEY, they would be cattle herders etc, so, remove the source of their MONEY NOT WEALTH and they are gone. Once again, how do I know…i met with them face to face & saw absolutely nothing in them. That’s why what worked yesterday, simply doesn’t work today, no matter how many schemes & programs that come up like; Boona Bagagawale, Parish
Model, Emyooga, Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), it’s yesterday’s news, its time is long gone & just a camouflage of names. 40 years of transition is over. proof; smartphones are just a version of the telephone
while the Internet is just a version of the telegram & no really new technology happened in the 40 years, computers just got better and faster, The next 40 years will see what we call REAL TECHNOLOGIES emerge the way ELECTRICITY changed the world unlike in the last 40 years, it was just making the SAME THINGS better, faster, light etc – imagine virtual reality, mixed reality, metaverse,etc such as; China simply
made Human Resource MUCH CHEAPER and on a GRAND SCALE because of their population of 1.3 Billion plus. They could make and consume the same things as nothing actually changed. This labour left America, Japan and Taiwan and went to CHINA ….it was just a SHIFT To a cheaper location. Unlike then now, Human Manual Labour is no longer a competitive advantage It’s now human imagination, innovation and ingenuity that will overcome. For example; the West doesn’t need roads BUT Africa does & we can’t afford this nonsense of $5m per km. So, we have to invent cheaper roads that are multipurpose which can happen once the country enhances the circular economy over the linear economy.

Lastly, Dubai is developed in a desert, this is a challenge for Africa, the west innovates and later lends Africa money to procure their innovations making them gain more yet they get most of the raw materials from Africa. I find it unrealistic; Africa has no idea what to do with its human capital; this is true today as it was during the slave trade amidst all the
abundant resources it’s associated with. This human capital is no longer the TANGIBLE human manual labour or human input labour because robots, machines and AI can do that. It’s now the INTANGIBLE human creativity and imagination. Case of point; computers used to be human beings & mainly women but today a computer is in your pocket so that applies the same for human manual labour. Why would I need factory workers to make plastic bottles yet I can PRINT them at home? So, what’s the use of human manual labour then? It’s shifted, the printer can print say 1000 bottles a day at home. Now, the entire global economic system needs to be reset, governments MUST rethink century’s old mindsets and that’s the NEAR IMPOSSIBLE part of the equation. What we need is something AI & robots can’t manufacture, we need HUMAN CREATIVITY & IMAGINATION; then convert this into products & services with value. These are the new jobs and form of employment. We don’t need 100 workers packing soap, robots can do that, but we need the creative power of those 100 workers to form great innovations. ”That creative power.”

Another keen example: Security then was based on the huge number of soldiers, huge infantry & heavy airforce but today I can guarantee that all this is governed by communication if I can hack into their communication and alter the chain of command via cyber threats then it’s only left with divisions which have fostered the nations to adopt to space armies enhanced by national Cctv wire meshes as this achieves more accurate reduced radar crosss_section so as to control, secure & overcome this huge threat because the rise of crypto_currencies associated with satellite internet will mean government becoming a service provider as efforts of taxation and power will have been taken by a new force of private organizations what I simply mean is in this new era data is the new oil as they who own communication; control, set and own the narrative by persuasion.

This opinion is written By ”Kingdomprenuer & Circular Economic Innovator”- Mr.Tamale Francis..0783-063-789 / tamalefrancis75@gmail.com.

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