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South Sudanese youths living in Kampala under their umbrella Organization South Sudanese youths forum in Uganda on National dialogue (SSYFUND) are organizing a peace dialogue this Friday 30th/6/2017 at Fairway Hotel Kampala starting at 4pm.

The Pan-African pyramid, an intellectual non-partisan discussion forum built on the Pillars of PAN-AFRICANISM, PATRIOTISM and NATIONALISM whose Ideal/pre-occupation is to REVIVE intellectual discourse among the youths with a bias of re-constructing our lost Pan-Africanism, patriotism and Nationalism Values and spirit has been identified as the suitable platform to discuss peace in South Sudan after numerous high level peace accords proved to be meager business ventures for the few elderly elites.

The private secretary to the South Sudanese Ambassador in Kampala confirmed the Ambassador H.E Samuel Luate Lominsuk will attend in person.

“As a matter of fact H.E the Ambassador has said he wants to attend in person so he can listen to the views from his youths because he appreciates their (youths) role in the development of our country”, said Mr. Daniel Juol Nhomngek.the Organization’s chairman in Kampala whom our reporter met at Fairway Hotel on Monday morning.

Over 200 South Sudanese youths studying in various Universities around Kampala are expected to take part in this week’s topical discussion under the theme; “The role of Youths in ensuring everlasting peace in South Sudan” which will be moderated by Andrew Irumba Katusabe, he Speaker/Chairman of the 3 yr old Pan-African pyramid.

“We have taken decision to use this platform [Pap] because of its ideal objectives and vision for African people. We think we can use it to re-echo our thirst for home based solutions first by Africans themselves”, Said Valentino Mathew Deng, one of the Sudanese youths leaders.

In charge: . Daniel Juol Nhomngek (L)and Valentino Mathew Deng (R) with Pap Speaker Andrew irumba at fairway Hotel on Monday to seal the dialogue.

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011 as the outcome of a 2005 peace deal that ended Africa’s longest-running civil war. An overwhelming majority of South Sudanese voted in a January 2011 referendum to secede and become Africa’s first new country since Eritrea split from Ethiopia in 1993. (

Made up of the 10 southern-most states of Sudan, South Sudan is one of the most diverse countries in Africa. It is home to over 60 different major ethnic groups, and the majority of its people follow traditional religions.

Independence did not bring conflict in South Sudan to an end. The 2013-2015 civil war displaced 2.2 million people and threatened the success of one of the world’s newest countries.

Salva Kiir Mayardit became president of South Sudan – then still part of Sudan – and head of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) in 2005, succeeding long-time rebel leader John Garang, who died in a helicopter crash.

Mr Kiir was re-elected as president in multiparty polls in the south in April 2010. In July 2011, when South Sudan became independent, he became president of the new state.

Just two years later, however, the country was engulfed by civil war when Mr Kiir sacked his entire cabinet and accused Vice-President Riek Machar of instigating a failed coup.

Government and rebels agreed to attend peace talks in Ethiopia in 2014, and a deal was finally signed under threat of UN sanctions for both sides in August 2015.

Mr Machar returned from exile to be sworn in as first vice president of a new unity government in April 2016, but was sacked a few months later after renewed conflict. an accessible web community

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