Panic: South Africa Faces Second Lock Down Over Escalating COVID-19 Cases

Panic: South Africa Faces Second Lock Down Over Escalating COVID-19 Cases an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda Correspondent 

South Africa: The latest news coming from  South Africa indicate that the country is experiencing a surge in the newly reported cases of Covid-19. According to records in the last four days, the country has recorded more than 4000 new cases and authorities are contemplating to impose another strict lockdown.

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This comes after South Africa has downgraded the country’s lockdown which allows more movement of people and more activities, however, the government and the ministry of health had put in measures regulations to keep the rate of infections low.

The recent increase in the new cases has been predicated on the reckless behaviour of the public, the free state province has seen a rapid increase in new infections which has been come predicted from the public gathering.

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The Kwazulu natal premier, Sihle Zikalala stated that from the look of things which include statistics, we can actually say that we will be going back to level 5 unless people change their behaviours and drastic measures are taken.

The KZN premier further noted that another wave of Covid-19 will have a more felt effect that the first outbreak as the economy will also suffer harder adding that the uncontrolled sales of alcoholic beverages is affecting all the progress achieved from Covid-19 recovery.

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”A second wave had been expected to take place in 8-12 weeks after lockdown level 1 was first to introduce,  looking at the numbers of Covid-19 we could be slowly moving back to high recorded cases of Covid-19 and this means we will have to go back to lockdown level 5,” he said.

In response, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has reported that the president will soon ( in the days to come) address the nation in response to the increase of new coronavirus cases.

Government authorities have warned the businesses in hospitality and alcohol trade industry to adhere to lock down regulations and further told them that it’s not beneficial for them to chase after profit and disobey the regulations only to be forced to hard lockdown and have their businesses shut. an accessible web community

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