‘Police Officers Who Brutalised Besigye Are FDC Moles, Should Be Arrested’- Bebe Cool

‘Police Officers Who Brutalised Besigye Are FDC Moles, Should Be Arrested’- Bebe Cool


By Andrew Irumba

Popular singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has called for the arrest of police officers who unleashed violence unto Dr Kizza Besigye in Nakawa on Monday, when they teargassed him, fired a water Canon him, before smashing his vwhicle and brutally dragging him out.

According to Bebe Cool, these police officers should be arrested and prosecuted for conniving with the Forum for Democratic Forces (FDC) by brutalising Besigye, such that can they paint a negative image for the government of Uganda and entire police Force.

Bebe Cook’s statement about police officers conspiring with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)

Bebe Cool made these utterances in a lengthy statement he posted on social media on Tuesday, in which he stated that even President Yoweri Museveni, whom he supports passionately, cannot condone such acts, despite being Besigye’s greatest opponent. 


So while condemning the police for conniving with FDC by brutalising Besigye, Bebe Cool wrote thus; ” Whatever transpired here is wrong. I’m a supporter of President Museveni and I’m sure he is a human being and can’t allow such an act. I know politics has its games and I shall not rule out the fact that some policemen are pro opposition and they could have conspired with the blue team to carry out such an act in the quest for public attention, sympathy and damage the name of the UGANDA Police and government.”

He added that ; ” Remember blue is fighting red so this move would put blue ahead of red. No wonder screenshot doing rounds on social media is about #Owa Kasukali being told that he’s weak; as in had this been done to him, he would in a wheelchair the next morning, crying like the adolescent he is. But in case the above is not true, this kind of act is unacceptable and should not be allowed in our country, hence these policemen should be arrested, demoted and dismissed out of the Force. Yes, arrest, but you can do it in a more human and professional way. (https://www.fallsgrovedentistry.com/) ”

Meanwhile, we have learnt that one of the errant police officers who Bebe Cool alleges could be conniving with FDC has been identified as Senior Superintendent of Police Rashid Agero.

Footage doing rounds on social media indicates that  Agero commanded the brutality meted out on Dr Besigye and was actually filmed smashing Besigye’s car using a metallic object that looked like a pickaxe.

Rashid Agero who commanded the brutality against Dr Besigye

George Ekwaro, one of the Ugandans who identified the errant police officer, stated thus;”Fellow citizens, ladies and gentlemen, for those who didn’t know him, here is the brutalizing police man SSP Rashid Agero, who vandalized President Kizza Besigye’s car at spear motors after failing to kill him at Kireka trading center on 4/22/2019.

George Ekwaro’s post about SSP Rashid Agero

He is the same man who on 24/4/2019 wrecked open using bullets the abdomen of a one Nana Mwafrika Mbarikiwa, missing the fetus by a whisker, though she lost the uterus in the process. He is out to wipe out any opposition member in the country.

SSP Rashid Agero spraying pepper teargas at Dr Kizza Besigye who is seated inside his vehicle

If you want change in this country, know that he is out to exterminate you using tax payers guns and bullets….”


But Bebe Cool contends that police officers like Agero and others who brutalised Besigye and violently arrested several youth who had gathered at Namboole for a conference organised by FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, are actually conspiring with the opposition to discredit government and the police Force.

However, Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has since condemned the brutality and called upon all Ugandans to come out and resist such acts of violence perpetrated by the police against opposition politicians.

Bobi Wine’s statement about Police Brutality on Dr. Kizza Besigye
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