Police Raid Bryan White’s Home,Impounds Posh Ride!

Police Raid Bryan White’s Home,Impounds Posh Ride!


By Andrew Irumba

Police on Tuesday raided the home of socialite Brian Kirumira aka money bags Bryan White found in Munyonyo, a Kampala posh area and impounded a luxurious Mercedes Benz, Cross Country on allegations that he acquired it fraudulently from a UPDF officer.

It is alleged that Bryan White bought the posh ride at a staggering US$ 250,000 (about Shs 930,146,032) but paid a deposit of US$100,000. He allegedly promised to pay the balance, which he did not, prompting the former owner,a UPDF officer to report a criminal case of obtaining goods by false pretence against Bryan White.

The car that was towed from Bryan White’s home in Munyonyo on Tuesday.

Deputy Police spokesperson, SP Patrick Onyango said Bryan White was summoned by Nakawa Magistrate’s Court several times to respond to the charges, but he failed to appear.


“The court then issued a warrant of arrest for Bryan White and on Tuesday police officers went to enforce the court order,” Onyango said.

Onyango said police impounded the car and towed it to Jinja Road Police Station.B

Bryan White wasn’t arrested because he accepted to appear in court on Wednesday, Onyango said.

However, Bryan white told journalists soon after the car had been towed away that he changed his mind not to buy the car after he googled the price of the car and found out that the owner had inflated the price too much.

“He told me the price of the car was US$ 25,0000, I paid him an instant deposit of US$ 100,000,but then when i googled later, I found out the actual price was US$ 70,000. So I told him i was no longer interested in the car but rather he should look for another buyer and then refund my deposit which I had paid him and take his car, but he has decided to use force because he is connected as a soldier,” Bryan said. (https://kadence.in/)

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