Presidential Address Highlights: Ignore Disappearance Of People, Foreign Toxic Talks NRM Is In Control

Presidential Address Highlights: Ignore Disappearance Of People, Foreign Toxic Talks NRM Is In Control an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: With over three hundred reported disappearances of Ugandans within about two months, in his Saturday’s address, President Yoweri Museveni urged Ugandans to ignore disappearance talks saying such acts can’t happen under NRM government because that’s what they came to streamline.

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“NRM came to bring back peace in Uganda and its people and it is why we fought Kony and Iddi Amini because their acts were horrible, therefore, there is no one that has been abducted or kidnapped, those are criminals who are arrested for their wrongdoing and they are in our hands safely,” said Museveni.

President went ahead to answer questions regarding heavy UPDF commandos deployments in Kampala during election period saying that they were brought in to defend the terrorists who wanted to destabilize nation’s peace.

He said, “we brought a distinguished commando unit from Somalia- which had also destroyed ADF rebels. This commando group quickly defeated the terrorists who wanted to disturb elections. They killed some and arrested some of these terrorists.”

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He added, “The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) arrested 177 suspects and they were either granted bail by a court or released. 65 other people arrested by CMI are being investigated.”

President’s address came at a time when various social media platforms are washed with videos and images of kidnapped Ugandans tortured to death and some murdered after abductions by security operatives using numberless vehicles which Museveni dismissed ordering Police and CMI to avail the list of arrested to the public.

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“Security people should make this information available to the public so that this talk of disappearance is answered because 17 people arrested by security operatives in Mukono City alone have since been released,” he said.

On there other hands, Museveni asked Ugandans not to be excited by the foreign talks of sanctioning some of his Ministers over continuous violations of human rights in a guise of enforcing COVID-19 guidelines.

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He said, “I read in the newspapers about the EU Parliament sanctioning some Ugandans from travelling. For anybody to think that Africans are dying to go to Europe is something that shows lack of seriousness.”

Attacking the fallen former president Idi Amin of murdering millions of Ugandans with support from whites, he noted that its better for Uganda to solve its problems without foreign interfearance because Uganda is an independent state. an accessible web community

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