Rajiv Joins Rally School Ahead Of Competitive Debut, Trainer Botha Mesmerized At His Rallying Skills

Rajiv Joins Rally School Ahead Of Competitive Debut, Trainer Botha Mesmerized At His Rallying Skills


By Andrew Irumba

Rajiv Ruparelia, son to city tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s ambitions to join competitive rally are now in a high gear after the 29-year-old signed up into a rally school in South Africa.

Ruparelia, whose news of joining rally broke two weeks ago, joined the Rally Star Academy in South Africa on Saturday last week.

Ruparelia will undergo specialized rally training with celebrated former rally driver Leon Botha.


“I decided to join rallying just to feed my strong passion for Motorsport. But also I want to have fun.

“And rallying is not something you just wake up and take on. I decided to join a rally school to get myself equipped with some experience,” said Ruparelia.

Rajiv Ruparelia with his trainer Leon Botha resting after the training

Rajiv is expected to join another rally school in Finland and have more time in a cockpit.

He acquired a Volkswagen Proto to set his ambitions rolling.

Rajiv Ruparelia steps in the footsteps of his uncle Dipu Ruparelia, a former rally driver.

Acquires Recommendation from Trainer

Recommendation Letter

Immediately after joining school and receiving specialized training, Rajiv’s trainer was mesmerized at the young tycoon’s ability to grasp skills in short time and consequently recommended him to start taking part in the motor sport competition after showing vital skills.


“In contrast with some students, where one is slightly hesitant to issue an unconditional recommendation-based on talent and application thereof, I have no hesitation that Rajiv has been the best experience I have ever had or shall I say I enjoyed, from an inexperienced Rally driver. Hard to believe but I have established his inexperience to be true,” said Rajiv’s instructor Leon Botha while recommending him. (https://santacruzcore.com/)

Botha said Rajiv has experience in other fields like Quads, motor cross bikes and buggies as well as tarmac driving. “Despite this, I was pleasantly surprised at the ability and car control in a power rally car,” he said.

Botha said he had approved Rajiv’s participation in the sport of rallying with a navigator with the required ability and preferably early on Rajiv’s career.

“Rallystar welcomes him (Rajiv) into a sport that I believe he has been born for,” Botha said as he flagged him off to start taking part in the motor rally competitions.

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