Rubbish! Angry Museveni Blasts Mafias In Government Pushing For Second National Lockdown

Rubbish! Angry Museveni Blasts Mafias In Government Pushing For Second National Lockdown an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Reports indicate that president museveni has told off health ministry officials afew minutes to his long awaited address tonight to forget about locking Ugandans again because of COVID-19.

Led by Presidential Advisor on epidemics and pandemics, Dr.Monica Musenero and Ministry of Health’s Permanent Secretary Dr. Diana Atwine at Statehouse, sources told our Spy reporter that Museveni argued that a second lockdown will affect the already struggling economy threatened by aid donor cuts.

“You asked for 6 months we gave you a full year, now what are you telling Ugandans?” asked Museveni thus resolving not to put the country on second lockdown, saying Ugandans should learn how to leave with the virus because it’s here to stay.

The president told the committee not to play with Ugandans who are trying to earn a living through hustling and there’s no food to give them while on lockdown. “Unless you (Musenero and Atwine) improvise food for Ugandans, otherwise that will be suicide” Museveni said as both Musenero and Atwine all kept quiet.

According to sources still, Museveni could have got wind of another source of information that links to a big chunk of mafias within the state who made abnormal incomes during lockdown, through hiked product prices and services to the Government and the general public.

Some Of  Museveni’’s Bazukulu Protesting 2nd Lock down

Some connected mafias in Government with businesses and services in Town actually never closed! It’s the poor people’s businesses that closed. So the mafias used the opportunity to amass as much wealth as they could since they set the prices, if you didn’t want, you had no choice. Sources even intimated that president has a report from security organs linking some top Government officials’ mushrooming mulitibilion worth buildings around the the country. “Muzei has information that some of Government workers’ buildings are built at night at rapid speed and some are directly linked to covid-19 related response units,” said source.

Secondly,most of the Government service providers, top dogs in the health ministry and related organs, according to sources, earned abnormal moneys through International donations, grants,local collections etc. Most of these moneys ended in the bellies of the same mafias other than the poor people for whom it was intended. Actually,if you read former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta’s recent social media post, it even goes ahead to term this whole thing a “COFIT”, now you need to read it fully to understand what he means.

Joseph Kabuleta’s Post

“Another evidence is here; mafias had already placed a need for president Museveni to approve UGX25B apparently to awareness campaigns. Although they have previously presented the president to use Private Media houses free under the guise of ‘national address’ where media Houses support such efforts as corporate social responsibility, the mafia get these moneys pegged on public awareness campaigns, use the media free and then pocket the money meant to pay media houses for such works,” adds source.

Ministry of Health Officials Demanding More COVID Money

Meanwhile, results of COVID-19 tests done on 27 May 2021 confirm 700 new cases. The cumulative confirmed cases I never Uganda now stand at 45,931. an accessible web community

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