Jubilant Kizza Besigye Celebrates Son For Graduating With Distinction From Harvard University

Jubilant Kizza Besigye Celebrates Son For Graduating With Distinction From Harvard University

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Ugandan politician Kizza Besigye and his wife Winnie are celebrating their son who was among the top performers from the Harvard University class of 2021.

Anselm officially closed his undergraduate studies and graduated from the prestigious university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts with a major in Anthropology.

The virtual graduation ceremony held on Friday, May 28, saw Anselm walk away with distinction after his thesis among winners of the 2021 Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize.



As a practice and tradition of the premier institution, Anselm’s work will remain at the school library for art teaching and research. He also walked away with USD5000 as an appreciation for his hard work and excellent thesis.

“I am grateful to his mum, Winnie, who took most of the responsibility of raising Anselm, as I was mainly entrapped in the ongoing liberation struggle of our country. I am also grateful to the many family members, relatives and friends, who played an important part in the journey of Anselm’s growth and education,” Besigye said.

Anselm grew up in New Jersey and went to high school in Connecticut. He also studied in Ugandan and European schools.

Since his early childhood in Africa, Anselm has been dedicated to fighting poverty and bad governance in the global South.

His upbringing in the United States has also inspired in him a passion to grapple with labour rights and race relations in this country.

“Our family is grateful to the teachers, professors and all school and university staff of all the institutions he attended in Uganda, Ethiopia and the USA. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless and guide him in the new and critical phase of his life,” the former presidential candidate added.

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