Rwanda Reimposes National Wide Lock Down As Covid-19 Surge Bites Hard

Rwanda Reimposes National Wide Lock Down As Covid-19 Surge Bites Hard an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Kigali: Rwanda has imposed new Covid-19 preventive measures in abid to curb the spreading of the deadly virus in a recent resurge in most African countries including South Africa, Uganda Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo among others have since imposed lockdowns.

Rwanda Prime Minister’s Office on Monday, June 21, announced the new measures as cabinet meeting resolutions convened by President Paul Kagame.

Cabinet suspended inter-district travel and imposed a nationwide “stay at home” curfew starting at 7pm to 4am every day and other preventive measures including the following;

Movements are prohibited between 7pm to 4am. All businesses must close by 6 PM.

Movements between Kigali and other provinces and movements between districts across the country are prohibited except for medical reasons and other essential services.

Vehicles transporting goods to various parts of the country will continue to operate but with no more than 2 people on board.

All wedding ceremonies are suspended for the next two weeks.

Attendance at vigils should not exceed 10 people at any one time, and funeral gatherings should not exceed 30 persons.

All other social gatherings including celebrations of various kinds are prohibited in both public and private settings.

Public transport (buses) will continue to carry passengers only at 50 percent of their capacity, while public offices will function at 30 percent capacity – mainly allowing only essential staff in their premises.

Meanwhile, places of worship will host congregations at 30 percent of the normal capacity of their facilities, and Covid-19 preventive measures will be observed during the prayers.

15 per cent of the staff in office while the rest will work from home.

Cafes and restaurants will also operate at 30 percent occupancy, but negative Covid-19 results will be required for some designated ones.

Gyms will operate at 15 per cent of their venue capacity, but on a special note, clients must present negative Covid-19 test results.

All swimming pools and spas will remain closed except those at hotels hosting tested guests. an accessible web community

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