S.Sudan: Top Military Officials & Politicians Exposed For Fueling Extra Judicial Killings

S.Sudan: Top Military Officials & Politicians Exposed For Fueling Extra Judicial Killings

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By Spy Uganda

South Sudan senior officials and military generals have been implicated in wanton abuses of human rights including sponsored extrajudicial killings.

The latest report released by UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan accuses officials of what it called “state-sponsored extrajudicial killings.

It accused military generals of fueling violence.

“Senior public officials and military officers should be held accountable for serious crimes, or we will never see an end to the gross human rights violations,” said Andrew Clapham, a member of the panel on the Human Rights Commission while presenting the report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Clapham said the attacks against civilians persist precisely because perpetrators are confident, they will enjoy impunity.

“We have documented human rights violations in South Sudan for many years, and we continue to be shocked by the ongoing violence, including horrific sexual violence, targeting civilians, and perpetrated by members of the armed forces, different militia, and armed groups,” said Clapham.

“Last month we again visited the country, where we met in Juba and Malakal with brave survivors who shared their experiences of trauma, loss, and hunger. Faced with persistent cycles of violence and insecurity, many told us they are disillusioned and losing hope.”

UN Commissioner Barney Afako said it is hard to imagine peace while State actors continue to be involved in gross human rights violations.

“A true demonstration of the Government’s stated commitments to peace and human rights would involve dismissing the responsible officials and initiating prosecutions,” said Afako.

Based on investigations undertaken in South Sudan and the neighboring region throughout 2022, the report identifies widespread attacks against civilians, systematic sexual violence against women and girls, the ongoing presence of children in fighting forces, and State-sponsored extrajudicial killings.

The Commission documented a devastating operation in Leer County, where government officials directed militias to carry out widespread killings, systematic rape, and forced displacement against civilians in an area considered to be loyal to the opposition.

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