”We Raise The Bar For Academic Excellence Brighter Future, Trust Us With Your Child”-Kampala Parents

”We Raise The Bar For Academic Excellence Brighter Future, Trust Us With Your Child”-Kampala Parents

By Spy Uganda

Kampala Parents’ School – a leading private-mixed day and boarding primary school by far remains a preferred hub for world-class education in Kampala, and yet again places itself as an education hub that is ready to streamline your child’s future.

The Naguru-based School says they are ranked the best among other reasons because of its personalized learning curriculum and programs that are balanced in a way that provides opportunities for each of its students to explore and develop academically.

The school says is ready to give its students the kind of quality education they deserve for a brighter future; “Your child deserves quality education for a bright future. For better education, you need the best school. Choose us,” the school said via its socials.


KPS, is an international curriculum-based school that also follows a local curriculum situated along the Lugogo by-pass and has an enrollment of over 2500 pupils with 118 well-trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members with pupils coming from all over the world.

It’s worth noting that since 2020 when covid-19 hit the education sector, Kampala Parents have been conducting online classes, something which has enabled their learners to attain academic excellence in the last PLE Exams. Out of 186 pupils who sat for the 2020 final exams, registered 129 candidates with first grades with most of them ranging between aggregate 4 and 6.


Kampala Parents is a service-oriented school in Uganda with a holistic approach meant to boost your child’s future with hands-on skills and job creation accompanied by both physical and mental development.

The school’s learning meets global standards to build value-centered, future-ready, global youth who will possess the virtues of compassion, intelligence, and integrity to serve society for a better tomorrow.

The school creates a motivating and nurturing school environment that supports and encourages lifelong learning assisted by professional and proficient teachers with a passion for education, well-researched and thoughtful school curriculum, and delivery, which promotes creativity, curiosity, determination, self-reliance, adaptability and teamwork.


KPS also provides an integrated learning approach with an emphasis on experimentation, self-discovery, a high level of engagement, hands-on experience, and exam preparation.

Kampala Parents’ School is a great school with world-class facilities required by pupils to excel academically as well as promote their mental and physical growth.

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