Senior Hospital Staff Fired Over Abuse of Office,  Theft

Senior Hospital Staff Fired Over Abuse of Office, Theft

By Andrew Irumba

Kalisizo: Three medics at Kalisizo Hospital in Kyotera district have bee interdicted for allegedly abusing their offices and stealing equipment worth millions of shillings.

Their interdiction followed the theft of medical equipment that included a refrigerator and different assorted drugs which were found missing from the hospital on Tuesday last week.

The Kyotera district Chief Administrative Officer Fred Kalyesubula issued the interdiction letters.
The culprits include; Berna Nakanwagi, the Hospital Medical Superintendent, Richard Bantubalamu-the Assistant Hospital Administrator and Vicky Nayiga the in-charge of Immunization alongside four-night watchmen attached to the facility.

According to the interdiction letters, the affected staff are currently being investigated in connection to the missing equipment.

Dr Edward Muwanga, the Kyotera District Health Officer, said they have asked police to expedite the process of investigations as well as help them recover the missing equipment.

“It is true some of our employees at Kalisizo hospital were interdicted and we are waiting for comprehensive reports from the police about the progress of their investigations into the matter,” Dr Muwanga said.

Meanwhile the above medics are not the only medical officers at the same hospital battling similar charges.
Spy Uganda has learnt that Aaron Muyonga Kayinga, the Principal Human Resource officer and secretary of the District Service Commission, is also on interdiction.
He was arrested in July over allegations of bribery and extortion and his case is being investigated by the Inspectorate of Government. an accessible web community

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