Shock As Missing Kawala Man Is Killed, Body Dumped Near Home

Shock As Missing Kawala Man Is Killed, Body Dumped Near Home

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Police in Kampala Metropolitan (KMP) are investigating circumstances under which, William Mukasa, a resident of Kawaala, Rubaga Division, in Kampala went missing and was later found killed a week after.

Mukasa’s disappearance was reported to police a week ago by his mother after calling on his phone without reach.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the KPM deputy spokesperson said, Mukasa’s mother told police that his son had been missing and his phones were off.

In a search that took days, locals in Kawaala got shocked when the found unknown body dumped by the roadside early this week and alerted police.

Police picked the unknown body and took it at Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA morgue. After waiting for some days, his mother decided to crosscheck with city mortuary and was able to identify her son’s body among others.

Owoyesigyire added that a hunt for people who could have killed Mukasa has been intensified.

Police said his body had several wounds and it appeared like someone who had been killed through mob action.

Police also suspects Mukasa’s alleged abductors could have used rudimentary weapons like stones and sticks to kill him in order to disguise the crime.

Residents and police say that Mukasa could have been killed from another place and later dumped in his area for unknown reasons.

Police said his body was still fresh yet he had been reported missing for more than a week and it is not yet clear where he was being hidden until he was murdered.

Musisi’s incident is the second case of kidnap and murder in this week.

On Thursday September 19, a journalist Simon Odur Akena, who was reported missing in Mukono on September 14 was on Tuesday found killed and dumped at Kitubulu, in Lake Victoria, Entebbe Municipality, and Wakiso District.

Akena’s body was discovered by a fisherman who had gone to check on his fishing nets dipped in water. He alerted police and neighbours who retrieved the body from the Lake. It was later identified by relatives at city mortuary.

Records at Criminal Investigations Directorate – CID show 202 persons were registered as victims of kidnap. At least sixteen victims were killed, eighty-four were rescued by police while ninety-nine cases were of self-kidnap. an accessible web community

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