Servicing Of The Cobalt-60 Radio-Therapy Machine At Cancer Institute Completed-Dr.Oryem

Servicing Of The Cobalt-60 Radio-Therapy Machine At Cancer Institute Completed-Dr.Oryem an accessible web community

By Siraje Lubwama

The Executive Director of the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) Mulago complex, Dr. Jackson Oryem, has re-assured Ugandans on the completion of 1st routine servicing and maintenance for the Cobalt-60 Therapy Machine, and pledged the institute’s continued offer of the much desired services for cancer patients.

In a press statement released on Monday,Dr. Oryem revealed that the service was conducted by the Machine Technician Mr. Bednar Andrej, the designated service provider from the UJP-Prana, a national from Chez Republic, together with local technicians. ‘’Normal full capacity operations of the radio-therapy has accordingly resumed,’’ Dr. Oryem’s statement read on Monday.

He also assured the patients that whereas the machine was undergoing servicing and bi-annual maintenance as a due diligence aspect for its proper operations and standard measures as agreed upon at the time of purchase, full services to the patients would be their top priority.
The ED further urged all cancer patients to further use other services in addition to the radio-therapy machine offered at the institute, in their course of seeking for medical treatment; palliative care and sickness related information they may be facing as cancer patients. ‘’The institute, is committed to offering the best services to its clientele as and when need arises’’ added the head at the institute.

press release issued on Monday.

Dr. Oryem was reacting to earlier media reports which alleged that breakdown and insufficient utilization of the Cobalt-60 Radio-Therapy machine at the institute had caused pandemonium and doubt over cancer patient’s treatment in the country.
Oryem concluded that the machine shall be having 2 service and maintenance sessions annually and the next is due in October this year following its purchase and installation last year 2017. an accessible web community

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