Shame As Parliament Halts Anti-Homosexuality Bill Over ‘Financial Implications’

Shame As Parliament Halts Anti-Homosexuality Bill Over ‘Financial Implications’

By Spy Uganda

The presentation of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2023 for First Reading stalled after the Ministry of Finance failed to issue a certificate of financial implication.

According to Section 76 (1) and (2) of the Public Finance Management Act, 2015, every Bill introduced in Parliament shall be accompanied by a certificate of financial implication issued by the Finance Minister.

The certificate of financial implication issued under subsection (1) indicates the estimates of revenue and expenditure over the period of not less than two years after the coming into effect of the Bill when passed.

Budadiri County West Member of Parliament, Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi cited Article 31(1) of the Constitution which he said does not require the Minster for Finance to give consent for a provision already catered for in the law.

Hon. Asuman Basalirwa (JEEMA, Bugiri Municipality) called on the Finance Minister to take a stand in supporting the Bill by issuing the certificate of financial implication.

“If they do not take a stand, then an impression will be created that all of us here are condoning homosexuality whereas not. This is a national matter and it goes beyond Parliament,” said Basalirwa who is the mover of the private members’ bill.

Hon. Joseph Ssewungu (NUP, Kalungu West) said the Bill is one that does not affect the Consolidated Fund.
“It is difficult when we move such a motion and it is supported by members here, and the minister is not ready,” he said.

The State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Hon. Rose Lilly Akello said the vice is an issue that invites the executive and legislative arms of government to unite and develop a law that will rescue Uganda’s future generation.

The State Minister for Finance in charge of Privatization, Hon. Evelyn Anite told the House that the Minister for Finance would present the certificate of financial implication, on Thursday, 09 March 2023.

Speaker Anita Among reiterated the need to process the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023.

“Considering the urgency of the matter, there is a need for the Minister for Finance to exercise the issuance of the certificate as per the Public Finance and Management Act, Section 76(1),” Among said. an accessible web community

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