Shamless Goon Steals Priest’s Robes At Burial Ceremony

Shamless Goon Steals Priest’s Robes At Burial Ceremony

By Micheal  Atwakiire   

Bushenyi: As  we enter the festive season thieves are ready to steal anything that comes their way.

Residents of Tank Hill zone, in Bushenyi district, bewildered after a man identified as John Banyenzaki  stole the robes of a priest who had gone to lead mass at a burial in the area.

 It is alleged that Banyezaki, 22,  a resident of Tank Hill village, Central Division in Bushenyi Ishaka on December  9, 2019 without fear of curses , stole the Rev. Fr.  Irenaeus Karenzi’s robes and when the priest looked for his cassock such that he could prepare for. Mass it was nowhere be seen.

Fr. Karenzi,  a priest at St. Kagwa parish in Bushenyi town, had gone to lead the burial ceremony at the home of a  famous veterinary doctor in the area only identified as Mugambagye, who had lost lost a grandchild . (

Greater Bushenyi police spokesperson Afande Martial Tumusiime said that “After getting the news, we immediately started our investigations.

However, one of our spies told us that Banyenzaki had the robes and that he had stolen them from  the priest’s Premio car  registration number UAS 102H. He not only stole the robes also money totaling Shs680000, which was in the bag with the robes.”

Tumusiime added that “We quickly dispatched a team to arrest Banyenzaki . After arresting him, he accepted the case and led us up to Kabwohe town in Sheema district, near coffee factories, where he had hidden the stolen clothes. We shall take him to court and he will be charged with theft.

I urge the public to be more and sensitive to their property especially in this festive because thieves are very many, although police is also ready to arrest them.”  

This reporter tried to talk to Rev. Fr. Karenzi about the matter but he couldn’t easily reach him for a comment because his known mobile phone lines weren’t available. an accessible web community

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