Sheema District Chairman Jubilates As Speaker Is Kicked Out Of Office

Sheema District Chairman Jubilates As Speaker Is Kicked Out Of Office

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: The District Chairman Sheema, Canon David Kabigumira has thanked God and authorities for helping him to silence the ghost that has been disturbing and hindering the development of Sheema District.

Kabigumira made these remarks on Monday October 27 afternoon after the District Council agreed to elect a new district speaker.

Cheerful Kabigumira said, “finally we have chased the ghost that has been disturbing Sheema district, I once told you that never wake a ghost when you don’t have medicine [omubuuza and omwetango] to cure it, from today we have silenced and chased Nicholas’ ghost now and forever, you will never see him here again, we have planted for him omubuuza and omwetango,” he said.
Nicholas Kwariija the former Sheema District Speaker

He added, “the three years we have spent in power with Kwariija Nicholas as a speaker are counted as dead years because we have gained nothing as a District. By the way nobody should lie you, I have never corporated with Nicholas, for him he is ever on an opposition side and what made matters worse, he couldn’t make his own decisions but councilors’. I strongly hope that since we have got a new speaker, we are going to work together to make Sheema Shine, “Said Kabigumira. (

Sheema District Concilors on Monday voted a yes to Nkwemeriire Robert as a new Speaker replacing Dr Kwariija Nicholas who got a fatty job as a commissioner in the ministry of science and technology.

Nkwemeriire won elections with 25 votes defeating Titus Tindamanyire with only 7 votes.

Nkwemeriire Robert the new Sheema District Speaker

However, Kwariija, the former speaker fired back saying “We all know that he (Kabigumira) is Satan possessed, for us we nolonger want to entertain that ‘kahugye’, first of I’m still a youth councilor, therefore saying that he has chased me out of the district is a pure lie, by the way  I have got a better platform to participate actively in the council. Kabigumira should clearly know that Nkwemeriire’s victory means my victory because I’m the one who brought him, therefore no change. Even Nkwemeriire’s victory determined Kabigumira’s less popularity in the whole district, because it is a shaming for a district chairman to bring a candidate who gets only 7 votes, remember only executive members voted Titus, but other councilors were on our side,” Kwariija said.

From 2016, Kabigumira and Nicholas have been conflicting each other and it is allged that Kabigumira contributed much to the censorship of Nicholas.

Although Kabigumira said that he is happy with Nkwemeriire, it should be noted that in 2016, Kabigumira appointed Nkwemeriire as the minister for finance  but later chased him alleging that he [Nkwemeriire] was a big friend to Kwariija, from then Kabigumira and Nkwemeriire haven’t been in good terms.

When asked about the sacking incident, Kabigumira said “yes I chased him because he was dealing with Nicholas, but what I know he is a hard working man, this time we shall work together because he has already assured me.”

It should be noted that this was a second defeat for Titus Tindamanyire. In 2016, he stood with Nicholas Kwariija but un fortunately he got only 2 votes. an accessible web community

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