Sheema Municipality Residents Face Deadly Health Risk Conditions

Sheema Municipality Residents Face Deadly Health Risk Conditions an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

SHEEMA, Uganda: It is one of the newly created municipalities but its health status is already worrying many residents.

Garbage near a no dumping sign post

The focus of the worry is in the heart of Kabwohe town.

A stroll around Kabwohe reveals massive chunks of decomposing rubbish, not so far away from nearby hotels and eateries.

Kabwohe town, which is the main and biggest town of Sheema municipality, has toilets which are not only in terrible conditions but also in a dilapidated status.

TheSpy Uganda unearthed information indicating that some landlords use mats to create bathrooms for their tenants, hence no privacy while one is bathing.

These shocking revelations have cast doubt on whether Sheema municipal council is really fit to address hygiene standards or not.

The Kabwohe Division Town Clerk Mr. Denis Mubangizi  said it’s not part of his roles to find out whether the town is in poor health conditions or not. He referred this reporter to the municipal health inspector.

When contacted, Mr. Johnson Akankwatsa,  the Sheema municipal health inspector, similarly referred us back to the Town Clerk, making it seem like a ping-pong game. Pressed harder, the Town Clerk attributed the poor health conditions to insufficient funds in health department. an accessible web community

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