Shocking Details Emerge As Police Kicks Off Hunt For Third Assailant Behind The Shooting Of Eng. Daniel Bbosa

Shocking Details Emerge As Police Kicks Off Hunt For Third Assailant Behind The Shooting Of Eng. Daniel Bbosa

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Uganda Police and other security agencies have the search for the third assailant involved in the fatal shooting of Buganda Ndiga clan head, Daniel Bbosa who is also the director of Transa Electrical.

The incident occurred as Bbosa, 72 was approaching his residence in Kikandwa Zone, Lungujja Parish, Lubaga Division, at approximately 6 pm.

According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, preliminary investigations reveal that the three assailants had been monitoring Bbosa’s movements.

Enanga revealed that the assailants strategically parked near the victim’s home, observing as he approached the bend leading to his residence and subsequently fired shots at his vehicle.

Enanga explained that after passing the victim’s vehicle, the assailants made a U-turn, drove back, and fired three bullets through his head.

“They sped past vehicle of the victim, they made u-turn and then drove back and shot at him from the front killing him instantly. They shot three bullets onto his head,” Enanga said.

Fortunately, Bbosa’s wife, Gladys and the housemaid who were in the vehicle with him after returning from an event, escaped unharmed.

Enanga reported that as the assailants fled the scene, brave boda boda riders pursued them and managed to captured two of the assailants, identified as Enock Sserunkuuma and Noah Lujja. Unfortunately, the third assailant managed to evade capture.

Police identified the deceased assailant as Enock Sserunkuuma, a resident of Lungujja whereas the one who sustained serious injuries after mob action as Noah Lujja whom he said has now regained consciousness but under close watch by police detectives at Mulago.

“We expect our teams to get  very good information out of him as investigations continue.” Enanga noted.

While as the motive behind the murder is yet to be determined, Enanga emphasized that it appears to be a targeted incident, as only Bbosa was killed among the vehicle occupants.

According to Enanga, detectives are actively retrieving CCTV footage from the vicinity for valuable information, and the firearm used in the incident has been submitted to ballistic experts.

Enanga commended the public especially the boda boda riders for their prompt response in chasing the assailants acknowledging their contribution to community vigilance.

However, he cautioned against resorting to violence further urging the community to subdue assailants rather than eliminating them, as it could impede investigations into the motive and perpetrators of the crime.

“We thank community for their vigilance especially boda boda for courageously pursuing the assailants. It’s a testament to good community vigilance and neighborhood watch. (Modafinil) ” he said.

“You need to have them subdued and not kill them since it negatively impacts investigations and establish motive of the crime and the perpetuators .When you eliminate him, we fail to get entire group of perpetuators behind murder plot.” he emphasised. an accessible web community

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