Slaughter Him Like Our Father Used To Do To Petty Thieves-Amin Family Surrenders Their Own Brother Taban Accused Of Stealing USD8M

Slaughter Him Like Our Father Used To Do To Petty Thieves-Amin Family Surrenders Their Own Brother Taban Accused Of Stealing USD8M an accessible web community

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Kampala: The family of former President of Uganda Idi Amin Dada, has publicly surrendered their own brother Taban Amin who has spent half of this week at Uganda Police Criminal Investigations Directorate-CID being grilled by detectives over eight million US dollar gold fraud saying he should be punished heavily citing that the family has no mercy for criminals like him.

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This has been revealed in a statement released by the brother to the accused also Amin’s son Mr. Hussein Lumumba who asserts that as the family, they say no to all forms of corruption, all forms of abuse of power, and all forms of the resulting intimidation and therefore have no mercy for one who practices any of the above.

Read Lumumba’s Statement In Full


Following press reports that Mr. Taban Amin is being interrogated at CID headquarters by Police over allegations of fraud to the tune of $8 million US Dollars said to have been stolen from an American citizen, we the family of His Excellency the late Al-Hajji Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada, former President of the Republic of Uganda would like to clearly and categorically state that defrauding anyone of their hard-earned money is criminal.

As we call on Taban to face the law and clear his name of these allegations if innocent, I want to make it clear that fraud is not in any way part of the values that we stand for, and we can not be part of anything that teaches young Ugandans that the only way to achieve personal success is through stealing from innocent hard-working people whether they are foreigners or Ugandans, and this even if public theft is the pervasive culture that youths see everywhere around them today, starting from the highest office of government, to the government ministers, religious leaders, down to the lowest civil servants.

Meanwhile, every single Ugandan knows one thing for sure: That His Excellency the late President Idi Amin Dada worked hard in serving the people of this country and not himself, and he never stole from anyone, not even from the state, even when he had the entire government funds at his disposal and could have simply ordered for any amount he wanted. He instead restrained himself to living only under what he was entitled to for his position, and was relentless in fighting corruption across all government institutions, something that brought him hatred and grave political repercussions as the accused fled the country and then pretended to be politically persecuted when in reality they were all just petty thieves caught with their hands in government coffers.

I, therefore, feel particularly disturbed to see that Amin’s known clean public record of honesty and patriotism in service to the people of his country is now being dragged once again through the gutters of petty theft and unscrupulous fraud accusations.

Corruption is conduct that today’s leadership class has made Ugandans believe is the acceptable norm to follow, yet the primary mandate of the state is to protect the life and property of every single citizen and every single person within its territorial jurisdiction.

Failure to do so is equivalent to promoting lawlessness and banditry where the weak are oppressed by those who use guns, soldiers and intimidation as tools of tyranny, and where general corruption leads directly or indirectly to immense suffering that is yet to be properly accounted for statistically.

In this respect, we call on the law to take its full legitimate course so as to first establish the truth. Then those found to have committed any crime against any innocent person to be held personally responsible for their heinous act in accordance with all the respective provisions of the law, and the victim fully refunded.

And likewise, in the event that malice aforethought by the accuser is found to have occurred in this case, we call on the justice system to ensure befitting reparations and damages for indirectly further tarnishing the image of a patriotic president of this country and his impeccable incorruptible record where President Idi Amin is known to have never stolen any public or private funds.

We, therefore, say No to all forms of corruption, all forms of abuse of power, and all forms of the resulting intimidation, the hallmarks of criminal enterprise. Institutions of government must be left to do their job independently without undue influence of any kind whatsoever by anyone. And we pledge to always side with the victims of crime wherever country they are from, and side with the sovereignty of the people of Uganda regardless of their ethnicity, religion or political affiliation, as they pursue all their legitimate and rightful aspirations for themselves, for their country and for our continents future generations.

For God And Our Country.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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