Socialite Don Zella On Run As Tables Turn Against Her! Speke Apartment Wants US Government,FIA To Investigate Fake Money Racket

Socialite Don Zella On Run As Tables Turn Against Her! Speke Apartment Wants US Government,FIA To Investigate Fake Money Racket an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: As it is said that every thief has 40 days to practice their luck, one may say that the count down for Nalongo Don Zella and her colleague Adome Jeremy’s luck is now in red signal! This after matters of alleged trading in counterfeit US currency have reached to the US Embassy in Uganda.

For starters, Don Zella on December 6, 2020, rented two apartment rooms number 107 and 512 operated by Speke Apartments. However, on December 25 while she and her family members were away, a thief or thieves at around 4pm, broke into her apartment room 107 and stole her properties among them including 80000 US Dollars.

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However, Speke Management trashed all the allegations, saying the person who allegedly stole her property was a colleague she knew and came with. The Hotel has actually since released partial footages showing the suspected thief entering the hotel with Don Zella’s sister and cajoling through the corridors as they access their room numbers.

I guess, you are following the genesis of the matter, it is against the above background that police in collaboration with Speke Management picked interest in the matter and started a no-miss hunt of the suspected thief.

Upon his arrest, a sum of 60,000 USD counterfeit money was recovered from him and he confessed that the money he stole from the room were fake dollars,which police is now using to pin Don Zella.

Now, in the new development that has since put Don Zella in a panicky mode, Speke management has pushed matters to US Embassy, European Union and Financial Intelligence Authority seeking their intervention into the matter in a bid to eliminate such criminality that violates international monetary laws.

Read Speke’s Letter To The Three Agencies About The Matter

Speke’s Letter To US Embassy, FIA & EU


I write to bring to your attention the following facts:

There is a recent matter reported at Jinja Road Police Station vide reference SDRE 15/25/12/2020 where a re known socialite one Sheila Nadege also own as Don Zella had complained of a break in to a hotel apartment at Speke Apartments where she allegedly lost upto United States Dollars Ninety Thousand (USD 90,000)!

As you will see on your own investigations, she did not seem eager to follow up with the police on this matter and never asked on the state of the said American currency.

As CCTV footage exists and can be availed-pointing to likely connivance between the said Sheila Nadege and the then principal suspect in the CCTV footage, police effected an arrest of the principle suspect in the CCTV footage.

On arrest, the suspect was found with upto USD 80,000 (United States Dollars Eighty Thousand) in counterfeit American currency and other European currencies!

The exhibits are still at Jinja road police and Sheila Nadege is still at large with indications that she will likely leave the country soon. It appears evident that there is an international racket inclusive of the arrested suspect and the said “Don Zella” dealing in counterfeit American currency and other European currencies.

The purpose of this letter is as follows

1. To bring the above information to your attention

II. To implore you to interest yourself in the prospect of an international racket dealing in counterfeit American currency and other European currencies,

III. To pursue the matter to a logical conclusion as per your nation’s laws.

Suffice to note, as with such crimes, this has related crimes including seemingly staged burglary and as the police will likely share, there have been apparent threats meted out.


a) A picture of the key suspect as at Jinja Road police station

b) A picture of the said Don Zella(still at large)

c) A picture of one Shanita (sister to Don Zella) fraternizing with the arrested suspect a day before the purported burglary.

d) Pictures of the exhibit counterfeit American currency and European currencies.

e) CCTV footage photos placing the arrested suspect with the said Don Zella and her sister at the material times!

The investigating officer at Jinja Road Police Station is one David Muwangu of phone number 07551519691

Finally, we copy herein the European Union since it is apparent that counterfeit European currencies are present in the matter too. We also copy in the Uganda Financial Intelligence Authority for its consideration to liase with you on the matter.” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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