Some People Want To Over Throw M7 Through Illegal Means- SFC Warns

Some People Want To Over Throw M7 Through Illegal Means- SFC Warns

By Ronaldo Kalangi

The commander Elite Army, a wing to Special Forces Command (SFC), Maj Gen Don Nabasa, has revealed that they have landed on intelligence information that sections of Ugandans want to overthrow President Yoweri Kaguta  Museveni through un constitutional means.

Nabasa made the remarks on Monday during the 38th Uganda People’s Defence Air Forces Tarehe Sita celebrations held at the headquarters in Entebbe.

Gen .Nabasa told his officers that the security is seriously scrutinizing the information on those who would like to over throw the current government using the external forces like the one of Libya.

“We all know that enemies of this country are fighting hard to overthrow Government but we shall not accept to take back this country in dark days. Their focus is on our oil here, beauty of the country, stability, development and above all a precious leader. Some believe that using some indiscipline Ugandans to cause chaos here and there will help them achieve their ill motives of plundering this good country,” he warned.

He added that some enemies have been sending their agents to work in top government agencies and sensitive positions in order to spy and monitor all agencies.

He said that all those foreigners who were recently deported while working with top telecom companies like MTN were high handedly involved in subversive activities to overthrow the government.

Officers in active service are, according to the Constitution and the UPDF Act, supposed to be non-partisan but the SFC commander said as a General, he could not hesitate from making comments which others may perceive to be politics.

“Please, anyway, I am sorry. As I have said, I am not supposed to talk politics but since it is an army day, I think I am allowed to speak about what you may term as politics, secondly as General, I can’t hide undercover at all now, time has caught up with me ’,”  Gen Nabasa stressed.

He advised the congregation to  give Ugandan children examples of failed states due to war so that they understand the importance of keeping peace and transformation.

He also encouraged stake holders to speak to the youth not to be misled by the external forces which are jealous of the country’s stability.

“Talk to the people and youth to understand the stability of Uganda is their responsibility and future. Don’t think of beginning a war because you don’t know where the bullet will go. You are fighting people who have lethal means, how sure are you it won’t begin with you?” he wondered.

Efforts to speak to UPDF spokesperson Brig.Karemaire on the issue were futile as his well known cell phone was off. ( an accessible web community

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