Spy Uganda Admin ‘Reopens’ Nexas Lounge As She Drowns In Birthday Cake,Booze

Spy Uganda Admin ‘Reopens’ Nexas Lounge As She Drowns In Birthday Cake,Booze

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By Sy Uganda

Kampala: It was pomp and glamour last night as Spy Uganda and Pan-African Pyramid families surprised their office administrator Ms.Monica Kobusiinge to a fabulous and sumptuous birthday party at luxurious Nexas Lounge Najeera, where money was chopped without fear or favour.

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The genesis of this pompous event was after staff joined hands and planned everything for their boss’ birthday behind her back, without knowing.

Later in the evening at around 7pm, one of the organizers [who never misses a pot of ajono at parties] Samuel Opio  aka Ging Ging, called her to find him at Nexas Lounge thinking she was coming to see him alone for one or two bottles then call it a night. She was however thrown into ecstasy when she landed at the venue only to find a group of workmates, fellow Pan-Africanists and friends, about 30 in number eagerly waiting to pour ice cold-water on her slim body as they sung happy birthday songs as she entered something that saw the slimy mutooro [Monica] shedding drops of tears due to exhilaration and excitement.

Courteous and soft-spoken Monica was thrown into this ‘welcome to Nexas bash’ before she noticed what was inside, on entering she saw at the high table two decorated cakes accompanied by all tribes of expensive liquor like Jameson, Tequila, Amarula among others. Surprising also,was the urbandancy  availability of ajono for her Bukedea friends like Samuel Opio and Emuk Benjamen and other buddies. “One could think Nexas Lounge is officially open from the long covid-19 lockdown until we were advised that it was Spy Uganda staff celebrating the birthday of their boss,” a party animal at the gate was heard wondering.

Meanwhile, in all our lengthy narrative, you can clearly realize that we’ve avoided asking how old our boss is, we’re not bold enough today. Let us know when you get her exact age and we will be back!….

Below Is Her Full Birthday Summarized In Pictures!

Beauteous Karungi Christine (In a hat), Curvaceous Colletah aka Cherie (2nd L), Birthday Girl Monica Kobusiinge (3rd L) and Monica’s Prettiest Friend Enjoy The Evening
City Partier Samuel Opio With Birthday Girl and Spy Uganda Administrator Kobusiinge Monica
Opio & Christine After Fifth Bottle
Let’s Enjoy The Pizza: Opio (R) Seems To Tell A friend
Cake Cutting Moment
Eating, Drinking Was The Catalyst Of Happiness 

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