Tooro Kingdom Pleads With District Council To End Ban On Anthem As Prime Minister Rugunda Intervenes In Busoro Land Conflict

Tooro Kingdom Pleads With District Council To End Ban On Anthem As Prime Minister Rugunda Intervenes In Busoro Land Conflict an accessible web community

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Kampala: Following a long-standing battle between Tooro Kingdom Chiefs and Kabarole District Council members, the Prime Minister of Uganda called for a meeting yesterday in a bid to curb the tension that had since seen the council suspending the Kingdom anthem in protest of what they called “dirty leadership of their King Oyo and his mother Best Kemigisha.”

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The meeting was convened by the Rt. Hon Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda represented by the Minister of Local Government Hon. Raphael Magyezi with the blessing of His Majesty The King of Tooro represented by the Prime Minister and Kingdom officials.

It was also attended by Kabarole District Local Government team led by the District Chairperson. Minister of State for Culture Hon Peace Mutuuzo, the Deputy Attorney General, Hon Kafuuzi Jackson, Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development represented by Ms. Naome Kabanda, the MP Fort Portal Municipality, Hon Alex Ruhunda.

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Due to the Kingdom’s outcry, Kabarole District Council members in the meeting were requested to cease-fire and rescind its resolution to suspend the singing of Tooro Kingdom Anthem in council and District functions in order to promote peace and harmony in the Kingdom and the region.

The meeting was on there other hand called to have the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement between The Government of the Republic of Uganda and His Majesty the Omukama of Tooro on return of Tooro Kingdom properties and assets.

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The meeting also tackled the decision by the Government to elevate Fort Portal to a Tourism City which resulted in the need for Kabarole to establish new district headquarters at Busoro Sub-county and Tooro Kingdom’s claim over the same land as part of the properties subject to the Government’s verification process.

Before the end of the meeting, it was, resolved as follows:

1. The Verification Committee constituted by the Rt. Hon Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda be made to move and complete its work expeditiously, the issue of Busoro Sub County be given priority and the parties are given feedback on progress made within two months.

2. Construction of the new Kabarole District Headquarters should commence on the land at Busoro Sub County without demolishing the existing structures. Upon verification, should the construction be found to be on Kingdom Land, the district will regularize its occupancy.

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3. Both parties agree to halt land title processing on all Kingdom Land under verification.

4. The Rt. Hon Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda to organize a joint harmonization meeting of key stakeholders in Tooro Kingdom preferably within two months. In order to provide a conducive environment for implementation of the above resolutions and to promote peace and harmony in Tooro Kingdom and the region, the meeting further recommended that,

5. Kabarole District Council rescinds its resolution to suspend the singing of Tooro Kingdom Anthem in council and Kabarole District functions.

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6. Abamasaza and Abagomborozi of Tooro Kingdom to remove the curse imposed on the Kabarole District council in accordance with the cultural norms.”

Land Wrangles Engulf The Kingdom As Scandals Expose King Oyo

For a couple of years, Tooro Kingdom has been defined as a scandalous Kingdom due to its endless battles between King Oyo in support of her Queen mother Best Kemigisa and their subjects over mismanagement and dubious sale of Kingdom properties.

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Drawing more light for you on why the council had suspended singing the Kingdom anthem, councillors said it was a form of protest over their perishing Kingdom due to the poor leadership of King Oyo and his mother accusing them of;

1-Evicting poor people from the land
2-Conniving with Gov’t to change kingdom properties into King Oyo and trying to compensate him as an individual.
3-Using impunity against their subjects on Kingdom land.
4-Failure to respect Tooro elders’ forum’s resolutions led by Prof Edwards Rugumayo on peaceful co-existence
5-Failure to respect religious leaders’ resolutions led by the Bishops among others.

Kingdom scandals are countless but bringing you back to property rows, a few days ago, Batooro were up in arms with him after they landed on classified information where Oyo and his mother had duped Gov’t to change Kingdom properties into the names of Oyo Nyimba and therefore take the Government’s kingdom compensation for their personal gains, rather than Tooro community.

That aside, the King has been brought down to nothing after being exposed by a couple of scandals noting one among the many when he tried to change the Hostel housing Sarah Clinic along Kasese-Fort Portal road, opp. Kabarole hospital from the Kingdom ownership into his personal property something that was foiled by a group of Batooro, and his appetite with that of his mother, allegedly shifted to grabbing two neighbouring plots of land belonging to Allan Bright Kagoro commonly known as Tycoon Allan, of Allan Resort Motel a case that reached in the state house.

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In 2012 Omukama Oyo, under whose instructions the kingdom administration was working, tried to grab the said land but Allan dragged them to court vide case file number Civil Suit LD No. 27 of 2012, and won the case something that further exposed the King. an accessible web community

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