Sqeaky Bumtime At Uganda Airlines As Minister Ecweru Gives Only 5 Days For Suspended Top Bosses To Show Cause Why They Shouldn’t Become Luzira Residents Over Corruption!

Sqeaky Bumtime At Uganda Airlines As Minister Ecweru Gives Only 5 Days For Suspended Top Bosses To Show Cause Why They Shouldn’t Become Luzira Residents Over Corruption!

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Kampala: The latest we are getting from the Entebbe based Uganda Airlines is that the suspended management of the national carrier that is currently grappling with a couple of corruption accusations are counting days like a drunkard’s chicken! This comes  after the state minister of  Works and Transport Musa Ecweru gave them only five days to defend themselves as to why they shouldn’t  be residents at Kitalya or Luzira prisons.

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According to our source, Ecweru on orders of President Museveni has given the implicated officers five days to defend themselves in writing and show cause why they shouldn’t be prosecuted before he warned them, that failure to do so they will face it rough.

Like we reported in our previous editions, the officials are accused of indulging in corruption practices such as pocketing bribes and mismanaging the national carrier, something that would see the airline down if Museveni had not swung into action to clear the ‘Kawukumi (weevils), says a source who works in one of these mafia’s offices.

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The officers are also accused of; extorting money from job applicants, bungling procurement contracts, recruiting relatives, friends and church members across the network, maintaining ghost workers on the airline’s payroll and giving jobs to unqualified pilots at the expense  passenger’s safety.

Who Are Those Sitting On Tenterhooks Over Ecweru’s Order?

Among those summoned are Perez Ahabwe, the suspended board chairperson, Benon Kajuna, Godfrey Ssemugooma, Catherine Asinde Poran, Charles Hamya and Rehema Mutazindwa, (all board members).

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Others who have been ordered to explain their dirty actions include the management team led by Cornwell Muleya, the chief executive officer whom the President, according to sources, holds personally responsible for the mismanagement and financial impropriety of the Airline.

The rest on the team include Paul Turacacysenga (director finance), Joseph Ssebowa (Human Resource manager), Moses Wangalwa (Procurement manager), Deo Nyanzi (Sales and marketing manager), Roger Wamara (Commercial director), Andrew Tumusiime (Senior administration manager), Michael Kaliisa (Quality manager), Bruno Oringi (Safety Manager), Harvey Kalama (Ground Operations Manager), Kenneth Kiyemba (First Officer),  Alex Kakooza (First Officer), Juliet Otage Odur (Crew Training Manager), Moses Wangawa, and Tom Gidudu.

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The development comes few days after President Museveni ordered Works and Transport Minister, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, to dissolve the filthy, corruption stinking management with its board, he should hand them all over to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to be squeezed and cough back the public funds they scooped through bribery and corruption. Failure to do so, Museveni directed, they should face the full wrath of the law. “Rubbish, they should return back all that they’ve been stealing. My girl (Col.Edith Nakalema) recently forced some thieves to return over shs 26B back into Government coffers, the same can be done to these ones, after the report implicating them”, Museveni was heard ordering.

According to last week’s report compiled by the State House investigation’s team, it was revealed that the board members connived in a couple of acts that risked the re-collapse of the airline and these include;1. The board’s involvement in recruitment leading to corruption.2. Collusion with management in the recruitment of relatives and friends.3. Flawed procurement and contracts mismanagement.4. Poor risk analysis, management, implementation and follow-up

5. The board’s involvement in the day to day operations- micromanagement of the Airline

6. Certification of Aircraft –inability to supervise the process as the board.

7. Ground handling wastage by the board

8. Aircraft maintenance organization.

9. The board approval of high costs/ expenses without due diligence due to self-interest.

10. The board‘s lack of a performance scorecard for the Senior Management team.

11. The board’s lack of functional and active committees.

12. Ignoring security vetting.

13. Retaining pilots that failed simulator training.

14. Reports of bribery solicitation among others.

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In the same vein, it has been resolved that the management was also as toxic as the airline’s board and they are accused of;

1. Cornwell Muleya- Chief Executive Officer -Failure to curb corruption of the errant officials

2. Delayed operations of the Airbuses into service.

3. Delayed Self Handling project.

4. Gross procurement exceptions.

5. Poor market price assessment on procurements.

6. Lack of transparency in purchases.

7. Retrospective procurements

8. Instances of possible collusion and misuse of public funds.

9. Irregularities in bidding opening.

10. Awarding contracts to non-compliant bidders.

11. Signing contracts against expired bids.

12. Missing contract signatures.

13. Failure to appoint contract managers.

14. Irregular advance payments.

15. Award of contracts without approvals from Solicitor General.

16. Different bidding documents to the same bidders in the same procurement process.

17. Receipt of unsolicited bidders.

18. Differential rates.

19. Glaring revenue leakages.

20. Unethical human resource practices in recruitment.

21. Retaining pilots that failed simulator training.

22. Ignoring security vetting

23. Uncoordinated crew training.

24. Lack of transparency in purchases.

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