“Stop Giving Voters Fish, Teach Them How To Get It From The Lake”- Min. Kamuntu Urges Leaders

“Stop Giving Voters Fish, Teach Them How To Get It From The Lake”- Min. Kamuntu Urges Leaders


By Michael Atwakiire

Sheema: The minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, who doubles as the Sheema South constituency Member of Parliament (MP), has urged fellow leaders to start sensitizing people on how to fight against famine in their families, instead of giving them only food that can’t last for a week.

Kamuntu made the remarks on Sunday while in the hilly areas of Buraro ward, Kitagata town council, Sheema District, while launching the extension of piped water to those mountainous areas, where  he also donated 50 kilograms of treated maize seeds for planting to each village in Buraro ward, making it 400 kilograms out of 8 villages.

He said that it is worrying and not healthy to give
someone a fish instead of giving him/her a hook and teaching them how to fish.


“My friends, this is a logic; when I give you
fish today, tomorrow you will come back asking for another one because it will
be finished. But when I teach you how to hook it from the lake, tomorrow when
it gets finished, you will go to the lake and hook another one, oh bouy! (sullivansusa.net) , oh
bouy! You people, you have to know this, someone should never at any one time
make you a slave and there is no way you will escape being a slave when you’re
begging,” Kamuntu said.

Some of the locals who received maize seed from Minister Ephraim Kamuntu

He urged politicians and religious leaders not to stop
at giving 10 kilograms of posho to people but to also sensitize masses on how set
up food security measures in their families.

He also urged the public to work harder and make sure
they don’t have  to beg for food, saying
that a real man and woman shouldn’t lack food in their home and some money to
look after their family in case of danger.

The Sheema District Chairman LC V Canon David
Kabigumira, also urged the public to make sure they have planted the given
seeds but not to eat them.

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