Stop Your Rumors, He Succumbed To Cancer & Multiple Organ Failure-Aceng On Disease That Killed Oulanyah

Stop Your Rumors, He Succumbed To Cancer & Multiple Organ Failure-Aceng On Disease That Killed Oulanyah

By Spy Uganda

Rumours surrounding the passing of fallen Speaker, Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah has today been sealed by Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng in a report read during a parliamentary session today’s afternoon.

According to Aceng, Oulanyah succumbed to cancer that was first detected in Germany in 2019 and since then he had developed a relatively big swelling on the neck and he had taken it upon himself to seek further treatment in Germany.

“On the 23rd of January, we admitted him to Mulago, where he was to stay for two weeks. During that time, we were preparing him to travel and also getting in touch with several hospitals that could provide a therapy treatment that didn’t require more chemotherapy,” she said.

Aceng further revealed that Oulanyah had started treatment, which he finished at the Uganda Cancer Institute.

“Therefore, the immediate cause of death was multiple organ failure- heart, lungs, liver, and kidney. He had multiple infections, which were discovered when he was here and in Seattle,” said Aceng. (Ambien) But to cut it short, read the full report below; 

“In 2019, we discovered a swelling in his neck. It was a relatively big swelling and he took it up himself to seek medical attention in Germany.

The swelling was removed and analysed and he was told it was cancer.

He was started on a treatment which he finished at the Uganda Cancer Institute.

He subsequently visited several other hospitals because of the same, but we also had challenges during the (Covid19) lockdown and the elections when he was not able to be in the hospital.

On 23rd January we admitted him to Mulago where he was to stay for two weeks, during that time we were preparing him to travel and also getting in touch with several hospitals that could provide therapy treatment known as the CAR T-cell, which did not require more chemotherapy because he had had multiple chemotherapies that had suppressed the bone marrow.

One of the reasons that visitors were prohibited (from the hospital) is because his marrow was not functioning, he needed to be protected from infections.

Allow me to appreciate the team of doctors in Mulago who took care of him, 15 of them, led by Dr Jackson Orem, the UCI Executive Director who attended to him from the time they discovered the lump until he went to Seattle.

On February 3rd, five people left for Seattle together with the Holy Spit. These included Speaker, Patricia Lakidi as an attendant, Christine Awol, his security guard Ocheng and Dr Jackson Orem who was to ensure that the hospital treats him, immediately stabilises him and takes care of him.

While in the hospital several investigations were initiated, the biopsy tissues from the various hospitals were recalled for further analysis, bone marrow biopsies were retaken for analysis and details of all these were provided.

I now have the death summary report for the late Rt. Hon Jacob Oulanyah.

The immediate cause of death is; Multiple organ failure.

The heart failed, the lungs failed, the liver failed and the kidney failed.

The liver started failing while he was still here in Uganda, as well as the lungs that had started collecting fluid.

His heart started failing while he was in Seattle as well as the kidney.

We had multiple bacterial infections discovered here and viral infections discovered in Seattle and unfortunately, the treatment for the viral infection further suppressed the bone marrow.

These were the consequences of total bone marrow suppression; in other words, the marrow could no longer produce red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets, and he lived on blood and platelets every day.

All this resulted from Progressive Recurrent Defused Large B Cell Lymphoma; that is cancer, and of course the chemo he received for quite a while.

There were also contributory conditions and they included the following:

He had a lymphatic system depletion

The Rt. Hon speaker lost his spleen while he was in Makerere and I am sure many of you are aware.

It was the spleen, not the pancreas. You cannot live without a pancreas.

He had a splenectomy following that riot; which is an organ that manufactures blood red and so on.

He also had challenges with stem cells which had a poor immune response because of chemotherapy.

He started having gastrointestinal bleeding or bleeding in the abdomen because of a lack of platelets, he could not stop the bleeding.

He had multidrug-resistant bacteria which is usually hospital-acquired when you stay in the hospital for too long.

Once again my condolences. This is the brief report, a longer story will be provided in Kololo.” an accessible web community

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